Tips for cooking carnivore meals by coach Tracy K

Cook your meat however you enjoy it to be cooked, whether rare/medium/well done etc. There is healing in meat no matter how it is cooked. Your tastes may change as you go along, such as if you like it more well-done in the beginning, you may find that you like it closer to rare in later months. Tastes seem to change as you go throughout your journey, but you will be able to determine when you need to change something. Sometimes carnivores do not like chicken because the more ruminant animals seem more satisfying, but sometimes heading into fall and winter, chicken soup just sounds good!

Slow cookers are amazing as well as grills, air fryers, waffle irons, egg steamers, instant pots, etc. for cooking your meats. You do not need all of the appliances, a cast iron skillet or other pans can cook meat just fine, but the appliances do make it easier. Take the egg steamers; they just make “boiled” eggs so much faster and cook them much more efficiently. It’s a simple appliance that is a smart way to cook. You can tend to acquire many appliances that you never thought that you would, but take time to evaluate the cost, connivence and clean up before jumping in to get them.

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