Spinal & muscular health tips by coach Karla H

20 years ago I had a diskectomy on my spine of L5 / S 1 from a ruptured disk. From 2000 until may of 2017 I had chronic back pain stiffness and often acute flare ups from I’m assuming scar tissue, lack of mobility etc post surgery. 


Since starting carnivore my flare ups have dwindled to zero and since strictly going beef this past year I have full mobility flexion, extension and lateral flexion as well as NO stiffness or soreness EVER. Go Meat!



The year before turning Carnivore I got a shoulder injury- a torn labrum and rotator cuff tear. I PT’d it for a year but still was in acute chronic pain not sleeping well and work was quite painful. I was put on the surgical schedule just before beginning carnivore. 


Over that first year on a new diet I realized I was  sleeping through the night with no shoulder pain. I started to do Active Isolated Stretching to rehab myself and moved to mostly beef with little to no extras ( cheese, heavy cream , pork rinds, jerky etc) and soon took myself off the surgical schedule. I am now pain free with full mobility, range of motion and strength in my shoulder.


Go Meat!!

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