Social life tips by coach Dana S

Try to schedule social events away from food.

Avoid trigger foods.  Avoid putting anything sweet in your mouth, especially if you are a sugar or carb addict.

If your social situation is around food and it is appropriate:

    1. Eat before you go – eat fully to satiety.
    2. Bring something everyone can enjoy that you know you can eat.
    3. If you are comfortable enough and it is possible, discuss options with the host ahead of time.


At a restaurant

    1. If possible, call ahead to discuss options with the manager or cook. 
    2. Order meat (steak, burger, chicken, fish etc.)
    3. Ask meal to be cooked on a clean grill or pan with only butter, ghee, tallow, or water, or do the best you can with what they have. 
    4. If you can tolerate spices or herbs, fine but many seasonings have added problematic ingredients.  Otherwise ask for salt only
    5. Instead of non-carnivore sides see if they have add-on menu items or ala cart animal items.  You can sometimes order two ala cart steak or burger patties as an example, sometimes cheaper than a whole entre. You can add bacon and / or cheese /sour cream / butter.   If you can’t get them to swap your sides for something else, have them leave them off or put in separate dishes to share with the other diners. 
    6. If you know a non-carnivore food will not be a trigger and will not give you problems, it is okay to indulge.  What you don’t want is to derail yourself.  Just choose wisely.


  1. Remember, your diet is your choice.  People will have opinions both positive and negative. 
    1. If discussing your diet choices makes you uncomfortable or puts you on the defensive, avoid the topic. 
    2. Depending on your level of comfort discussing the topic, if asked, you can share as little or as much as you want.  A good option if asked is to share you are eliminating certain foods right now for health reasons. 
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