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Hi I’m Yecca!

I had tried almost every diet and fad, to no avail. It wasn’t until I found carnivore that I was able to find a way to eat the foods I love while feeling not just great, but the best I have ever felt! I feel like I’m aging backwards! We all get sick and tired of being sick and tired, but we get used to it and think it’s normal. Well I’m here to tell you that being sick and tired all the time is not normal! I am motivated to help others see the light on this health journey. As a chef, I can share easy cooking tips and ideas. In addition, I have tons of great tips to help carnivore be even cheaper than it already is! This way of life is easier than you could imagine. I also speak Spanish. It’s not the best, but I can definitely make it work.

Above all, I absolutely love hearing success stories. They literally light my fire and motivate me to keep sharing the good word about how meat heals. So let’s create some success stories together!


5 reviews for Yecca A

  1. James Stegenga (verified owner)

    I found my session with Yecca to be very helpful. She offered lots of useful tips for getting started and making the transition to a meat-based diet as easy as possible. And she has lots of great recipes!

  2. Andrea Hartman

    My session with Yecca was so helpful! She is knowledgeable, insightful, cheerful, and easy to talk to. She offered me great tips for some challenges I’m having, and was very supportive. She always gave Je sine great recipes!

  3. Kristen Marcano (verified owner)

    I left my session with Yecca feeling excited and better-equipped to start transitioning from a mostly carnivore diet to a fully carnivore diet. We discussed the amounts of meat I should be eating for my goals her experiences and how she overcame cravings, tips for getting in beef liver and recipes (she sent these via email following our session). She’s very friendly and down-to-earth, and I highly recommend her for anyone looking to get started on carnivore.

  4. Zuleika Javier (verified owner)

    I just spoke with Yecca and I am so happy I did! I have a page worth of jewels she shared with me. I’m happy with the suggestions she gave me and can’t wait to receive the recipes she is going to email to me. She actively listened to me and make sure she covered the items I mentioned in the intake form I sent her. I will definitely book another follow up session with her to make sure I am on track with my goals. I feel even more excited for the 30 day January challenge!

  5. Nick Breshears (verified owner)

    She was very informative and helpful. I believe she has steered me in the right path. I’m excited that y’all are hear to help me on my weightloss journey! Thanks so much,Yecca!

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