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Nearly anything is possible if we set our minds to it; we must be humble in our expectations, honest in our efforts, patient in our process and loving to ourselves.

My name is William Otis Cleary IV, I am 32 years old, hail from El Paso, Texas and I have been following a Carnivore WoE (Way of Eating) for over a year.

I began independently studying nutrition in 2013 while competing as an amatuer MMA fighter. I was motivated by diet as a means of optimizing athletic performance. While reading a mixed martial arts magazine I stumbled upon information regarding the “caveman” diet and from there my obsession with evolutionary/ancestral health and science ignited.

From Paleo to Keto to Carnivore I experimented with the various different ancestral diets,  however, none gave me the benefits I feel on Carnivore! I found the diet to help me build stronger muscle, recover faster and sharpen my mental focus. Along with fitness and sports benefits I also sleep better, my moods feel stable, I have great appetite control and I feel I learn better. I’ve always been fairly healthy so I wasn’t convinced of the true power of Carnivore until I saw my Dad and brother give it a go. At the age of 60 and within 5 months he lost 37 lbs, dropped 3 pants sizes, cleared up persistent gut issues, reduced inflammation, achieved better sleep and has better energy than he’s felt in a long time! My brother has lost 22 lbs in 2 months!

Whether you’re looking to increase strength, lose some weight, or just want to feel better in your everyday life as a coach I am eager to help guide you along with your transition to Carnivore and a better quality of life.

I’ve had personal experience with: Gut issues, inflammation, fasting, keto flu, weight loss, fitness, lifestyle change, cooking, meal planning.


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