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The changes and results that can be achieved by giving the body what it’s designed to consume, digest, and process for nutrients and fuel is more than just a powerful intervention. It is a lifestyle that yields dividends on your quality of life, longevity and vitality regardless of your age and current health.

~Aging is the study of the acceptance of pain~

Like many others, I found out about this way of eating on the tail end of a short lived vegan diet regimen. I have not only been eating a carnivorous diet for over 3 years but I have studied it extensively. I have been utilizing animal based nutrition with my patients for 2 years, mainly on the basis of pain management, joint related and degenerative disorders,  various autoimmune conditions, and energy and fitness gains.

Some things that the diet helped me with are:
-Gastrointestinal consistency & normalization-Indigestion
-Oral Hygiene
-Routine Headaches
-Cognitive clarity and enhancement
-Strength gains
-Daily fatigue and energy levels
-Sleep quality

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