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Quick Facts:

Location: Sydney, Australia
Diet History: Fasting + Keto for 6 years, 95+% Carnivore since Jan 2020. Have some experience with vegan, vegetarian, paleo and others.
I’ve had personal experience with: Weight loss, pre-diabetes, high blood pressure, high blood glucose, high cholesterol,  dark skin patches, skin tags, lower back pain, sciatica, depression
Track Record: I lost 29kg (64 lbs) to hit my goal weight and cured all of my conditions (except back pain/sciatica, which still have occasional flare-ups). When it comes to coaching, I use a practical, methodical but adaptable approach (probably) born from my background as an engineer 🙂


– Weight Loss
– Strength Training
– Balancing diet around a hectic lifestyle (e.g. military life or a busy family life)

About me:

Check out my YouTube channel here: The Lean Yak

Hey there, my name’s Vin and I want to let you know that I’ve been there. I was the fat kid growing up, the guy none of the girls payed attention to in high school and eventually I was the guy sitting in a doctors office being told that I had pre-diabetes, destined to go the same way as the rest of my family (in which chronic disease might as well be a tradition).


I also want you to know that it is possible to turn your life around. I went from 94kgs (209lbs) at 167cm tall (5’6”) to 65kgs (143lbs), fit, and serving my country in the Air Force just a few years later.  Plus, my pre-diabetes is in total remission now along with the rest of my conditions apart from minor back pain.

It all came down to having the right information about diet and exercise – not the tired old jibber-jabber like “just eat less and move more!”. In my case though, it took a whole lot of reading, self-experimentation, failure, and the insights from awesome folks like Gary Taubes, Dr Jason Fung and of course Dr Shawn Baker. It was years before I found the final piece of the puzzle for me – the Carnivore lifestyle. But for you, it doesn’t have to be that hard. That’s pretty much why I joined the awesome team here at MeatRx, so I can transfer the hard-won lessons I’ve learned to the rest of the community.

Please get in contact with me if you need any help getting your own health and fitness in order – I would love to assist you in turning your own life around, just like I did.

Look forward to talking with you – and to having some fun along the way!

– Vin (aka The Lean Yak)

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  1. Nathan

    I can definitely recommend Vin.

    I met Vin pre-MeatRX and he has been providing advice for some time now.

    He is very practical, very approachable and has a very high level of commitment to his clients.

    He is extremely knowledgeable when it comes to not just the carnivore diet, but all diets in general. He has a deep understanding of the way the human body reacts to differing macros and exercise levels and can translate those into lay terms that are easy to relate to.

    More than anything, Vin is extremely empathetic to the physical and mental effects of poor diet and exercise regimes, as he himself has experienced a plethora of fad diets and exercise plans.

    Essentially, he knows what works.

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