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Hi, My name is Valerie.

Years of yo-yo diets a, vegan detox smoothies and no real understanding of how food effected my body I became depressed, anxious and obese. I was borderline diabetic with PCOS that was keeping me from menstruating without the help of medication. Chronic IBS turned into IBD with symptoms sending me to the hospital.  I was discovering problems that were minor growing to effect me in my every day life and the doctors told me it was just something I had to get use to.

I decided nobody could be a better advocate for my health then me. I looked for answers and experimented to learn the truth. I discovered  large groups of vegetables and grains were a main source for triggering  my more severe symptoms. That led me to cutting out everything I could from my diet in hopes to have some improvement of my symptoms. That is when fasting and the carnivore diet came to the rescue.

Learning how backwards our knowledge of nutrition was from school, I was fascinated and wanted to learn more. I implemented what I learned found it that it worked, which motivated me more to continue this WOE.

What I found after a month of fasting was that my depression and anxiety was disappearing. What I found after one month of carnivore was that I felt stronger and more in control again. Now 1 year into fasting and carnivore, my PCOS symptoms are nearly gone. My IBD symptoms have become more manageable and my depression and anxiety are not a factor in my life anymore. I just continue to see improvement.

I have learned a lot and want to share my knowledge with you. Going from 232 lbs to 160 lbs I am still going down! I want to help you have as much success as I have and give you the motivation to live the life you want to live.

As a fasting and carnivore coach, I look forward to helping you regardless of the stage your in or what roadblocks you have encountered.

I can’t wait to connect with you and help you succeed on your journey.

-Valerie ( aka Osolowcarb on Instagram)


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