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My name is Stephen and I have been carnivore since early 2019, when I turned 55. Before that I had been eating low carb but the results where not as good as I wanted. Low carb was a big improvement on the high carb diet I had been eating all my life before. I have been a semi-professional soccer player, won a singles tennis tournament and ran most middle distance races but wasn’t healthy, had frequent colds, athletes foot and other issues, plus I wasn’t the right weight.

Now I am a certified carnivore coach at I hope I can help people achieve the same results as I have. More strength, healthier, no colds for 5 years now and all issues completely gone. I am a qualified diabetes and obesity specialist practitioner in the UK as well as a Level 4 Personal Trainer. So I have a broad set of skills. I’m currently finishing a science degree in Sport, health and coaching.

3 reviews for Stephen T

  1. Tracey Peel (verified owner)

    I had a wonderful first coaching session with Stephen. His manner is very professional & he is easy to talk to.

    I have a complex autoimmune disease & obesity. Stephen had taken the time to thoroughly review my pre-meeting questionnaire prior to our conversation & had clearly done his research on my illness. He asked detailed questions & gave great insights into which disrupted pathways in my body could be causing some of my medical issues. He had prioritised which areas should be addressed first to get the greatest health benefits & directed me to a free medical test I can get from my GP to give a greater insight into what could be going wrong. He talked about the three possible outcomes of the test & how we can proceed for each or any of those results once we have that information.

    Stephen clearly has extensive knowledge of anatomy & how complex systems work within the body. His advice was clear & detailed & he is good at breaking down complex science into easy to understand language. He clearly enjoys solving problems & getting to the route of medical issues. I highly recommend Stephen & I will be booking my next session with him.

  2. Kevin Phillips

    Stephen has a very wide medical and anatomical knowledge base. This has meant he has been able to answer all of my questions in regards to both diet and health also reassuring me in regards to my body’s nutritional and physical needs. His coaching is not purely from knowledge but also his personal experience as he is an active carnivore and won’t recommend anything he hasn’t tried himself. Stephens way of explaining the carnivore way of life is easy to understand and has made me realise it is natures correct way to eat. He can also dispel may common myths that have been sold to us by drug companies and government over the years in regards to “so called” healthy eating.
    I’d highly recommend speaking to Stephen to allay your concerns and guide you to a healthier fitter future.

  3. Amy Ward (verified owner)

    Fantastic first coaching session with Stephen! He really listened to my queries/ experience so far which enabled him to really tailor the conversation to what I needed. He answered all my questions in detail and gave clear guidance on how to move forward with the carnivore diet.

    Stephen has extensive knowledge and experience; he gave great advice and guidance which he explained clearly/in a way that was easy to understandand. I will definitely be booking in with him again. I left the session feeling super motivated and excited to continue.

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