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My name is Stephen and I have been carnivore since early 2019, when I turned 55. Before that I had been eating low carb but the results where not as good as I wanted. Low carb was a big improvement on the high carb diet I had been eating all my life before. I have been a semi-professional soccer player, won a singles tennis tournament and ran most middle distance races but wasn’t healthy, had frequent colds, athletes foot and other issues, plus I wasn’t the right weight.

Now I am a certified carnivore coach at I hope I can help people achieve the same results as I have. More strength, healthier, no colds for 5 years now and all issues completely gone. I am a qualified diabetes and obesity specialist practitioner in the UK as well as a Level 4 Personal Trainer. So I have a broad set of skills. I’m currently finishing a science degree in Sport, health and coaching.

The video below is a recent interview with MeatRx talking about my journey from a high-carb, low-fat athlete that got tubbier and sicker to a thinner, fitter sportsperson on a carnivore diet.


20 reviews for Stephen T

  1. Tracey Peel (verified owner)

    I had a wonderful first coaching session with Stephen. His manner is very professional & he is easy to talk to.

    I have a complex autoimmune disease & obesity. Stephen had taken the time to thoroughly review my pre-meeting questionnaire prior to our conversation & had clearly done his research on my illness. He asked detailed questions & gave great insights into which disrupted pathways in my body could be causing some of my medical issues. He had prioritised which areas should be addressed first to get the greatest health benefits & directed me to a free medical test I can get from my GP to give a greater insight into what could be going wrong. He talked about the three possible outcomes of the test & how we can proceed for each or any of those results once we have that information.

    Stephen clearly has extensive knowledge of anatomy & how complex systems work within the body. His advice was clear & detailed & he is good at breaking down complex science into easy to understand language. He clearly enjoys solving problems & getting to the route of medical issues. I highly recommend Stephen & I will be booking my next session with him.

  2. Kevin Phillips

    Stephen has a very wide medical and anatomical knowledge base. This has meant he has been able to answer all of my questions in regards to both diet and health also reassuring me in regards to my body’s nutritional and physical needs. His coaching is not purely from knowledge but also his personal experience as he is an active carnivore and won’t recommend anything he hasn’t tried himself. Stephens way of explaining the carnivore way of life is easy to understand and has made me realise it is natures correct way to eat. He can also dispel may common myths that have been sold to us by drug companies and government over the years in regards to “so called” healthy eating.
    I’d highly recommend speaking to Stephen to allay your concerns and guide you to a healthier fitter future.

  3. Amy Ward (verified owner)

    Fantastic first coaching session with Stephen! He really listened to my queries/ experience so far which enabled him to really tailor the conversation to what I needed. He answered all my questions in detail and gave clear guidance on how to move forward with the carnivore diet.

    Stephen has extensive knowledge and experience; he gave great advice and guidance which he explained clearly/in a way that was easy to understandand. I will definitely be booking in with him again. I left the session feeling super motivated and excited to continue.

  4. Corey Glenn (verified owner)

    I had a very good first coaching session with Stephen. He answered all my questions about my concerns of having had gastric bypass surgery. He was very easy to talk with, felt like old chums at the end. He had a lot of good suggestions about my eating plan and I have implemented them without problem. Being an RN, I was glad to hear that he was medically inclined and was continuing his education to help him become an even better Health Coach. I have already booked a second session with him!

  5. stephen williams (verified owner)

    Great session, great coach! Being a strength coach myself, I’m already quite well versed on nutrition and I was already on the carnivore diet. However there was some questions I had and Steven had the knowledge to answer these questions with ease. If I ever have to book another session for support with the carnivore diet I will book Steven without hesitation. Highly recommended!!

  6. Jim Kirsch (verified owner)

    It was a pleasure to visit with Stephen regarding some of the aspects and issues I am having with implementing the carnivore diet. He is a very understanding and empathetic person and gave me good perspectives on how to explore resolving my issues. He was very easy to have a back and forth conversation with–a very pleasant guy! I am quite satisfied with my consultation and I intend to apply his recommendations and get back together with him in the future to discuss the results. Thank you Stephen–I’m quite glad I reached out!

  7. Lark Garr (verified owner)

    Thanks Stephen! Had a great session talking about exercising at home while we’re all in isolation. Helped me work out what I can use around the house to continue the resistance and strength training I have been doing in the gym regularly for the past few years. Discovered a 6kg bag of kitty litter is perfect for bicep curls, weighted walking lunges etc etc. So great to talk to a carnivore strength coach and to get video feedback on how I was doing my daily pushups! Your genuine care and passionate interest in helping folks is much appreciated. Thank you.

  8. Fred Dickey (verified owner)

    I throughly enjoyed my session so much that I’m rebooking with Stephen to keep me motivated and accountable.

  9. Brenden Vaughan (verified owner)

    Stephen was great! Very insightful on how to adapt the carnivore style to my lifestyle. Being a university student he was able to cue me in on some food that would help keep a low budget. What was even better was the fact that he used all the time slotted and gave me extra help on some workout tips as well. Highly recommend!

  10. Phil W (verified owner)

    Stephen is extremely knowledgeable and a very good listener. He is helping me to figure out a puzzling roadblock in the carnivore diet, and has come up with ideas no one else has before. He is the Columbo of the MeatRx coaching staff. 🙂

  11. Michael Landau-Spiers (verified owner)

    Just had my first call with Stephen, and he was so encouraging and helpful. Really enjoyed it and appreciated his advice!

  12. Lindsay M (verified owner)

    Had an awesome session today with Coach Stephen! He made the path clear on what we need to really be focused just starting out and we cant wait to see the improvements we get based on his advice!

  13. Mike Sanders (verified owner)

    This was my first time chatting with a coach and Stephen far exceeded my expectations. I chose him specifically because he was similar in age to me and has extensive knowledge of diabetes, which I have eliminated through Keto/Carnivore. Stephen had many great observations and suggestions, which I will be putting into practice. I have already decided to book him again for a follow-up chat in the near future! Thanks mate, see you again soon!

  14. Lonnie Richards (verified owner)

    I signed up with MeatRX because of the affordability of the website and the chance to have a coach help me at such a great price. However, that being said I have complicated issues (Cancer,thyroid issues etc). I had to find someone that didn’t just have knowledge about weight loss but also about how the body works. As I scrolled over all the coaches Stephen’s profile jumped out at me. To be fair I looked over all of them but I knew this one was it! I had one session with Stephen and it was awesome. He showed in our conversation that he knows how the body works, how illness can effect the whole person and I am looking forward to working with him. Right after our session I booked my second one the next week with no hesitation. Having someone supporting you in a health journey let alone a complicated one makes all the difference. Thank you Stephen I can’t wait for our next coaching session. Lonnie Richards

  15. Anthony (verified owner)

    Stephen was great!

    He helped me clarify several concerns I had and gave me useful guidance on how to transition to a carnivore diet smoothly.

    Looking forward to our next meeting!

  16. Ryan Hofer (verified owner)

    I have been working with Stephen for several months now. Not only is he an incredible source of knowledge but is a great encourager and source of inspiration. He knows the struggles we all face; he is real, honest and brings freedom to my daily walk with food rather than bondage. I look forward to connecting with him each time and know that I will leave that conversation a little more wiser and with a few more tools to help me on my journey.

  17. Chisolm Woolley (verified owner)

    I have had my first session with Stephen and he has confirmed my feelings with needing to go Carnivore. I have been Keto for over a year and always felt as if something was missing so I just started dabbling into this and after just a half hour with him over Zoom gave me more confidence that I can do this. I am grateful that he utilizes his real experience and knowledge to best help his clients and that he is a straight shooter. I am excited to book my next call with him and to continue on this journey to finding better health and better quality of life.

  18. William Li (verified owner)

    Great coach.
    Very informative and excellent at answering all questions and provided real insight into low carb and carnivore

  19. Yomi Oh (verified owner)

    Stephen has a great knowledge about fitness, muscle toning, eating windows and nutrition. The coaching session was very insightful. He also provides an online questionnaire beforehand to ask about eating habits, age, gender, weight and height and the goals. So that he can give precise advice. I highly recommend him as a Carnivore coach. I also think that a regular meeting with him would increase the success on one’s health journey. Thank you Stephen!

  20. Hogne Kirkebø (verified owner)

    To assist me on my second time doing Carnivore I decided to book a session with Stephen. We had an amazing conversation where we discussed my aversion towards organ meats, and some of physical symptoms that Ive had for many years with stiff joints and congested sinuses.
    Stephen was incredibly helpful and I’m already very much looking forward to our follow up call in a week or two.

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