Shanna H


Hello! I have been eating a carnivore diet for over a year. About 5 years ago (in my early 20’s) I had experienced severe anxiety and dysautonomia symptoms such as fainting, panic attacks, frequent vomiting, and daily intense abdominal pain. Over 2-3 years I lost 25 pounds, was debilitated by my anxiety symptoms, and was unable to thrive due to my weakened state. I became interested in changing my diet when learning more about low carb-high fat diets in school about 2 years ago and eventually came across the carnivore diet. Once I was fully transitioned to carnivore, I noticed significant improvements in the quality and intensity of my anxiety and my ability to control it. I wasn’t experiencing any uncontrollable symptoms that I had been previously – at least not to the debilitating degree, and over time they lessened in severity. A month on the diet and I began to manage my anxiety without medication; overtime I was able to increase muscle mass, sleep regularly and well, regain a normal  menstrual cycle (post 10-year BCP use), resolve chronic IBS-constipation, and improve skin disturbances.

The improvements I have seen in myself since adopting this style of eating has changed my life in ways I didn’t think were possible. I want to share, encourage, and help others the way others have helped me discover this important step of healing.

I am in my final year of Chinese medicine school in Southern California and will graduate in December 2020 as a Doctor of Acupuncture and Chinese Medicine. I anticipate on moving home to the East coast in Massachusetts to begin practice in 2021.  I have a B.S in Exercise Science from the University of Vermont and am passionate about promoting health through exercise, nature, self-care, holistic medicine, and animal-based nutrition.


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