Sarah T


  HI! I’m Sarah, and I’m so excited to share about this way of eating not only because of how simple it is, but because of how it has alleviated so many symptoms that I thought I was just stuck with for life: anxiety, depression and prescriptions to treat them; high blood pressure, insulin resistance and pre diabetes, heavy, irregular and miserable periods, horrible cystic acne, and obesity. After being keto for two years, I transitioned to Carnivore in Jan 2019 and have found true food freedom. Before that I had tried every diet out there, and I was on the road to a lifetime of medications and being another victim of the disease management system. Now, I’m a healthy weight, off of all prescriptions, and free. Plus I get to eat delicious food that I enjoy every day (unless I chose to fast that is). I would LOVE to help you find this freedom too!

 If you’re looking for help from someone who has been there, if you’re looking for some accountability and guidance, and especially if you’re a bit overwhelmed with the idea of getting started, I would love to help you on your journey.


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