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Experienced Carnivore who’s excited to spread the word and help others accomplish their goals for lifelong health!

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I grew up in West Virginia, eating a fairly ‘Standard American Diet’ with junk food, cereal, snacks, fast food, soda….I hated vegetables, but ate some of the ones I could tolerate, because I was supposed to. When the choice was left to me, as I approached high school age, I ate mostly meat and potatoes – not for health reasons, but it’s what I liked. I’m very thankful to have grown up hunting and butchering our own farm raised cattle. Beef was never hard to come by and always kept us fed. During my twenties, I became quite  unhealthy, living on my own, eating fast food and drinking with my friends. I topped out around 240 lbs, at 5’11”. I couldn’t stand what I was seeing in pictures, and so I made some changes. Much credit goes to a magazine article I read about a ‘natural movement’ fitness program, and along with that – I discovered the Paleo diet. I switched over to 95% Paleo and dropped weight like crazy – 50lbs in 3 months. After a year or 2, I began slipping on my food choices more and more (because I didn’t actually LIKE salads and large quantities of veggies). And so I ended up back above 200, stopping around 215 this time.

Then I discovered Shawn Baker and Carnivore! At first, I truly thought this was insane. You’re telling me, I can eat steak, burgers, bacon, and eggs – and not suffer from it?!?! Too good to be true.

But I’m not the type of person to read something and take it for truth, so I decided to try it for myself….and man am I glad I did!! I eat more red meat than I have in my life (recently increased from 2 to 3 lbs per day) and I couldn’t be happier!! I feel great, mentally, physically, emotionally. I eat when I want and don’t count a single calorie or track a single macro. My initial goal was weight loss – starting at 200 lbs, I was aiming for 180-175…which I achieved in less than 10 weeks. That’s when I increased my intake. I’m comfortable with my weight and am gaining strength week over week with my sights set on an amateur strongman competition in the fall of 2020.

I signed up as a coach to help people just like you! I’m just a normal guy who’s been through many of the same issues with weight gain as most people in the US. I want to help spread the word, that meat heals….and can lead to a much better quality of life than most would have you think. Give it a try!! I’m here to help!!

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  1. Adam (verified owner)

    I couldn’t have asked for more from my meeting with Ryan. After I booked the meeting, I asked in an email if he could do an hour earlier time slot and he accommodated which I appreciated since it got me home from the office earlier. During the meeting, he was prepared to discuss my concerns and questions from the form I filled out. He told me some of his experiences eating carnivore, how to deal with some of the common issues that could arise in the “transition period”, and let me in on his go-to restaurants and what he orders when he is out and without food.

    Overall, after the meeting I felt excited and prepared to embark on the carnivore way of eating.

    Book with Ryan and you won’t be disappointed.

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