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Hi there, my name is Rose. I am an autoimmune warrior, diagnosed with Fibromyalgia in 2009. I have personal experience with FM, chronic fatigue and leaky gut.

My passion for health and wellness started very young, growing up in a family of other AI warriors who suffered greatly in the allopathic medical system. I started working in the health and wellness field as soon as I was old enough to get a job, hoping I could outsmart my body and not wind up in the same vicious autoimmune cycle. I studied diligently under herbalists, homeopaths, TCM experts and Ayurvedic specialists trying to find the exact right cocktail of supplements and superfoods to heal my chronic, overwhelming inflammation. Nothing worked. I experimented for almost a decade with various forms of Veganism and eventually AI Paleo protocols as well as Keto only to get worse and worse.

I thought my life was going to be a painful, depressing trudge to the grave, but then I discovered Carnivore!  I am now 3 years in and thriving! Severe depression and anxiety in my rear-view mirror, my metabolic imbalances a thing of the past and my inflammation at normal levels, I am a different person. I understand the pain and panic that come with trying to make dramatic changes, when just getting out of bed seems impossible. I’d like to offer others the support and guidance that helped me.

I have learned a great deal on my journey and look forward to sharing it. I also am an avid cookbook research historian, rooting out simple Carnivore recipes to make our lives easier and more delicious!

3 reviews for Rose S

  1. Emanuele (verified owner)

    Just finished my first session with Rose. We had a friendly and helpful conversation. She gave me some useful tips in order to strategic maximize some nutrients and better sustain my healing journey and also shared some interesting recipes. I would definitely recommend her.
    Thank you Rose!

  2. Renee (verified owner)

    This lady is an angel. She was dedicated and very present through the session. We mapped out an action plan which felt right for me and I know she will support me along my journey whenever I need her. She’s a wealth of knowledge and super easy to connect with. Thank you Rosebud for your reassurance. Your healing journey is remarkable and I’m excited about the next few weeks testing the waters and transitioning from the raw vegan to carnivore WOE. I appreciate the information about oxalate dumping and your experience with both Veganism and carnivory. She’s a rare gem with a lovely spirit. THANKS ROSE

  3. Maggie (verified owner)

    Rose is so easy to talk to and has a wealth of understanding, experience and knowledge! I love ending our calls with something new I learned! She’s an encourager, a great listener and it is obvious she really cares!

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