Becky N


Hello, my name is Becky N,

My passion to help you during your carnivore journey comes from memories of being a lost….After the birth of my 3 kids, weight didnt seem to comes off as easy, plus dealing with a complete hysterectomy which lead to an over stressed body and many aliments. Lack of hormones(HRT made me ill) lead to way to many to list emotional & physical issues & even poor gut health to even more weight gain. I completed a genetic testing in which came back with a likelihood for Type 2 diabetes amongst others and having diabetes & hypertension running in my family history, I knew I needed to regain my health but I had already tried many approaches from calorie restriction, Weight Watchers, Trim Healthy Mama then Keto in search of health still weighing in over 200lbs. I found Carnivore & Shawn Baker during World Carnivore Month. I decide to give it a 30 day try. That turned has since turned into a year & finding a great carnivore community. I feel I have found freedom from the typical stress of what to eat to having to track every morsel to finally¬† learning how to nourish my body with animal based foods, my body is healing & releasing the extra weight & I’m not looking back now. I have stabality in my emotional & phyical health!

I’m more motivated that ever to help coach you along your way & provide you the support you need!

Becky ~


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