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My name is Raymond Nazon, born in 1972 (47 yo). My height is 5’11” and weight is about 185 lbs (252lbs at my heaviest). 

I have been a carnivore since Sept 2017, 2+ years now. 

The list of issues I was experiencing prior to carnivore includes: pre-diabetes, plantar fasciitis, waist size of 44, rosacea, mid-back pain, arthritic knee and finger joints, heel spurs, poor libido, high triglycerides, low HDL, blood pressure, pre-hypertention, snoring, dandruff, acne, diminishing eyesight, poor wound-healing, irritable bowel disease, chronic constipation, constant brain fog, insomnia and more.

The carnivore diet has helped me heal and put most of these issues into remission. Some have not resolved all the way (like dandruff, acne, heel spurs), but they are drastically less pronounced.

I am able to do so much now! After becoming a carnivore, I picked up Shotokan Karate and GRACIE® Jiu Jitsu, work out regularly at Orange Theory (HIIT training), hike occasionally, and more. I do all these – and enjoy them.

Running has become one of my health markers– I’ve run a 5k, a 10k and a 10 miler so far, with just Orange Theory as training.  I can now run a 7-minute mile and am able to do 50 consecutive push-ups. To top it off, as a side benefit, I have gained a 6-pack.

I would love to help you on your journey to healing through the carnivore diet and help you be able to live your best life possible. 

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21 reviews for Raymond N

  1. SRINIVAS BNS (verified owner)

    “only the one who knows what pain is, comes to help”–> This quote aptly describes Raymond! His transformation from being morbidly obese to the fittest person has given him some unique insights which have the potential to help many people who embarked on a carnivore diet journey. I really enjoyed having a coaching session with Raymond and it felt like I was talking to a dear friend to whom I can share anything without hiding. I highly recommend everyone who is starting their carnivore diet journey to have a coaching session with him! He is the perfect poster boy of Carnivore diet 🙂

  2. Jacob

    Really amazing guy. Incredibly helpful and understanding. He was able to answer my questions and give me valuable insight into the process and his journey.

  3. Leigh (verified owner)

    Raymond is so knowledgeable and encouraging. He reassured me that he’s here to help and that’s his whole objective. He asked me lots of questions, answered tons and made sure that I was clear about how I want to proceed. I feel like I made a friend and have found an exceptional coach!

  4. Rick (verified owner)

    Raymond is excellent. He knows so much about this stuff. If your serious about this diet, Raymond is the guy you need to have excellent results.

  5. Phil W (verified owner)

    Raymond was very encouraging and supportive. He is very easy to talk to, and has a breadth of knowledge that is enhanced by his experience. I highly recommend him as a coach.

  6. Timothy Johnson (verified owner)

    Raymond is a great guy and a tremendous help during my first transition weeks. I love riffing with him ideas and goals, and he’s just wonderful to work with. Looking forward to continuing these first few months.

  7. Cody (verified owner)

    Raymond was very informative and very relatable. His knowledge and energy got me even more excited for carnivore. His openness and willingness to answer any and all questions with a high degree of information and knowledge was impressive to say the least. Thank you Raymond.

  8. Jennifer Bradley

    I have known Raymond for a long time, during his trying times and now as a successful, motivational and inspirational person! He is so passionate with sharing his knowledge of what he has learned not just by reading, but by living the journey day to day, experimenting and evolving himself into a healthier self. He helped me when I finally realized myself that the path I was going down was not the path for me. I was wanting to enjoy life again, not just for me, but for my family. I wanted to look at myself and be proud of who I was and Raymond helped me start my journey. I had started Keto previously and did really well so when he talked to me about Carnivore and Fasting I felt like I could conquer this! So I started my journey on a Saturday and within a two months I had lost 22 lbs. and 3.5 inches and felt amazing. I would talk to Raymond at least once a week to share my experiences and it’s amazing to have that support not just as a coach, but a friend, someone who has gone through this journey who you have seen go through the transformation! He is definitely a great coach and a great friend! Thank you Raymond!

  9. Faisal (verified owner)

    Raymond was encouraging , informative and supportive . He answered all my questions and sent me some helpful links.

  10. Uran Kabashi (verified owner)

    Raymond was very easy to talk to and he had a lot of knowledge. He was informative and very understanding of my situation and supportive of my worries/thoughts. Easy to talk to and asked good followup questions that could help resolving some of my issues. Overall great coach and i highly recommend him to anyone who has issues or just wants some more information about carnivore diet.

  11. Lane Melville (verified owner)

    I’ve been carnivore for 9 months now and just needed a few pointers on how to lose the remaining weight around my mid section. Raymond had some great suggestions that he used, I highly recommend talking to him if weight loss is your goal.

  12. The Trans (verified owner)

    Just met Raymond today. Wow, what a great story of healing and transformation. He’s kind and knowledgeable. Looking forward exploring carnivore with my wife with Raymond’s help.

  13. Jerry Celentano (verified owner)

    Just had my first session with Raymond and it was so informative and helpful. Raymond has a wonderful personality and is very easy to talk to. His insight and experience is invaluable to anyone making this change to carnivore. He provided so much help and ideas that I would not have known without our session. I feel very well prepared to start my journey today and will be setting up additional sessions with Raymond to help me along the way. I cannot recommend him enough.. book him, you will not be disappointed! Thank you Raymond.

  14. Dennis Fastabend (verified owner)

    Had an awesome first session with Raymond, explained everything in detail and offered me options on how to approach the beginning of my transition to carnivore. Thanks to him i feel confident that i will succeed with his help, would recommend 10/10 times!

  15. Beau Thomas (verified owner)

    After talking with Raymond, he assured me to trust the process versus looking for the quick fix. Offered some really practical insight and a plan for success that would bring some healing to my body!

  16. Dimitri Deychakiwsky (verified owner)

    Raymond is the real deal. After hearing his story in the nightly meetings, I realized there is so many things I have in common with him. He’s very easy to talk to and deeply cares about the people he is coaching. I’ve had some incredible success while getting coached from Raymond in 1-1 meetings and nightly group meetings. Highly recommend as a coach.

  17. D Cy Mills (verified owner)

    I’m just starting my carnivore journey. Raymond was awesome in our first coaching session. And I’m very happy I signed up to get the coaching. Everything he said was antithetical to what I had planned. But he was able to explain clearly and plainly how to operate especially in the beginning of this diet. Stay posted for more to come!!!

  18. Forrest Dawkins (verified owner)

    I just finished my first coaching session with Raymond. It was great. He has good info, asked great questions, and encouraged me to move forward in my carnivore journey. Thanks!

  19. Loretta Paluch (verified owner)

    Raymond was phenomenal. Let me just say “he got me”. He’s knowledgeable, dedicated to Carnivore, positive, upbeat and a true coach. You will not regret booking an appointment with Raymond. I know you are here for healing and weight loss, and this is the person to get you there.

  20. Eduardo Pallares (verified owner)

    Had my first appointment with Raymond today and I am very pleased. Very easy to talk to. 30 minutes isn’t enough to get into the weeds of any one thing, but he addressed the questions I have right now, 4 weeks into this. Talking to him reassured my decision to keep going with this and I look forward to checking in with him on a regular basis.

  21. Carnivore Lady (verified owner)

    Raymond is very knowledgable and supportive! Def Recommend!

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