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My name is Rachel Ashby and I am based in the UK.

I have been on the carnivore diet for nearly a year. I have always thought of myself as health conscious but lost my way after having my 4th baby. I was tired and caught in the cycle of poor sleep then poor diet, mainly coffee, biscuits and cake, I have always loved meat but the media made me believe that red meat and dairy are bad, boy was I wrong! I decided enough was enough when my youngest turned 2, so I joined a gym and started going at 4am to make sure I didn’t bump into anyone I knew as I was embarrassed that I had let myself go. I turned to restricting calories which always led to a binge but I did see some weight loss. I became more and more intrigued in the ketogenic diet and followed that for 6 months with great success and NO CHEATS for the first time ever! I found it really easy but was still suffering with bloat and felt like my energy could be better which led me to the carnivore diet, I am now nearly a year in and can honestly say that I love everything about this way of eating (woe).


  • The simplicity of food
  • My energy levels are great
  • My depression and anxiety has completely gone
  • I have got remarkably stronger
  • Most of my lifts in the gym are 3 times heavier than I could ever lift before
  • Recovery time at the gym has dramatically improved
  • I’ve stopped getting spots on my face
  • My knees no longer hurt
  • I never get gym injuries
  • My cycle has greatly improved.


  • None

I am currently studying to become a qualified level 2&3 personal trainer. I’ve learnt a lot on my journey and even more through the course I had complete to qualify to become a coach.  I love to learn and will always be updating and expanding my knowledge in all areas. I can’t wait to hear from you!

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