Parveen S


The medical profession failed me repeatedly.  I eventually took my health into my own hands. My subsequent journey involved deep research and opening my mind to alternative treatments. The carnivore diet made huge shifts in my body.  For example, my metabolic health improved,  body composition, thyroid, and my mental state of mind.  Prior to going carnivore, I used to experience migraines, joint pain, sleepless nights, along with significant food sensitivities and environmental allergies.  As a carnivore coach, I can help you achieve your goals.  Going carnivore was not an easy transition for me. Most importantly, I had to do some troubleshooting during the adaptation phase and I discovered that I was carrying a huge oxalate load.  As your coach, I can share my unique personal challenges with dumping oxalates and how I managed this experience. Eating carnivore was the best decision I ever made to improve my health.


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