Mary Ann K


Hello– I’m Mary Ann (45 yrs old) and I’m really excited about how the carnivore diet has changed my life. I’ve had personal experience with disordered eating and always yo-yo dieting. Improvements in my hunger and fullness cues and depression and anxiety have been life altering. Food freedom is possible eating nutrient dense animal food. It’s a privilege to speak to others that are struggling to dieting and mood issues so that they too can enjoy the many benefits of eating nutritionally dense animal foods. I look forward to talking with you.

I’m a Ph.D. chemist and enjoy exploring the science and research of diet and nutrition. I love exploring how to use this way of eating to finally intuitively eat to satiety and effortlessly maintaining a healthy weight. Let’s end chronic dieting and enjoy the best relationship with food yet.

Instagram: @meatbasedgal


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