Mark F


Hi there. My name is Mark, aka Carnivore Grandpa. I am a father of 6, and grandfather to 12 wonderful grandchildren. I have been Carnivore for 2 years and have seen many health benefits since I began. Before I chose this way of eating, I had high blood pressure, high triglycerides, and was overweight. I experienced gout and had a terrible snoring problem when sleeping. Carnivore has changed my life and alleviated all my medical issues. I am a carpenter by trade, my work is very strenuous and physically demanding and Carnivore has given me the energy and the endurance I need to do my job. In my younger years I graduated college with a nursing diploma, after working in the health field for a few years I was forced to change my profession due to chronic unexplained inflammation. However, I am thankful for the background I have in the health profession as it applies to understand the physiology of nutrition. I enjoy sharing the many benefits of the Carnivore way of life and teaching others how to transition and live their best life.


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