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My name is Lydia and I’ve been keto/carnivore for over two years. Before finding the carnivore diet I struggled with painful skin issues, a severe hormone imbalance, anxiety, insomnia, weight-gain, slow thyroid, slow digestion, and everything else that comes along with those things! I was so depressed because nothing I did seemed to make a difference, until I found the carnivore way of eating.

It has changed not just my health, but my emotional and mental well-being. It has set me free to do the things I love! I joined Dr. Baker’s team because I want to help others find freedom from their health issues. I am so passionate about how incredible this diet is for the human body and for our environment.

I have better health now than I’ve ever had. I truly believe that optimal health is achievable for everyone, no matter where you are starting from, you can get healthier, stronger, and happier than ever before.

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6 reviews for Lydia Spencer

  1. David Rose

    Our meeting went very well and was very informative. I had multiple questions that were answered to my satisfaction. I appreciated Lydia’s empathy, knowledge and grasp on some of the health issues I am facing and the suggestions she offered on how I could implement the diet and be successful, having herself faced and found solutions to some of these.
    I was both hesitant and skeptical at first about using this service but I’m now convinced of the wisdom behind this one-on-one coaching platform. I plan on booking other sessions during this carnivore month.

  2. Keri Haldeman (verified owner)

    Lydia was very helpful and encouraging! It is always helpful to speak with someone that has gone through the same challenges and can give you strategies to be successful. She was knowledgeable about the diet and the changes that happen when switching to a full carnivore diet. So thankful for this service and how affordable it is!

  3. Andy Frank (verified owner)

    Lydia was a great resource to discuss Carnivore Diet. She took time to understand your journey and why you were trying to WOE. She helped answer questions and shared her experiences. I would definitely recommend her for someone new to this diet.

  4. Robert O’Byrnes (verified owner)

    Lydia is very professional and personable. She was attentive to my needs and quickly zeroed in on a course of action for me, which I’m looking forward to positive results.

  5. Griffin Howe (verified owner)

    Lydia was great to talk with. Have been trying this diet out for the past 4-5 months and more or less needed to hear from someone with experience. Very easy to talk with and informative regarding aspects of the diet. I hope to see further progress as I get more strict within the diet. Thanks again Lydia

  6. Julie Mann (verified owner)

    Lydia was incredibly supportive, kind, informative, and helpful. I felt completely seen and heard and taken care of. Thank you Lydia!

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