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Hi, I’m Linda, a long-term carnivore who has been a follower of the zero-carb carnivore diet since April 2015. I couldn’t be happier to have this online coaching tool to help guide you through all things carnivore!

I have used the carnivore diet to reverse my amenorrhea and PCOS, alleviate anxiety, and eliminate daily migraines.

With a carnivore diet, I have seen continued relief of edema from CVI (chronic venous insufficiency) and the elimination of near-constant pain from interstitial cystitis.

I have also experienced how the combination of fasting and the carnivore diet has effectively relieved the pain and bruising associated with lipedema.

It has been truly life-changing!

Curious about carnivore life, what to eat, what not to eat, or how to prepare meals? Starting out and worried about something specific? Need tips on intermittent fasting? Maybe you just want some accountability in your life to keep you on track. I’m just a couple of clicks away and here to support you in your carnivore journey.

-Linda (aka @thecarnitarian)

13 reviews for Linda S

  1. sjglaze3 (verified owner)

    I just finished a really great coaching session with Linda. She did a great job addressing my questions about starting a 100% carnivore diet, and I feel excited to start this journey. I chose Linda because we had a number of issues in common – including Lipedema, a distressing, painful condition where fat accumulates on the thighs and hips, even when the rest of your body has slimmed down. Linda has a wealth of information to share and is extremely supportive. I would definitely recommend her to anyone starting the carnivore diet.

  2. Amelia (verified owner)

    Linda is a very encouraging coach. I enjoyed talking with her and feel like she hit on exactly what I need most — accountability. I know pretty much what to do but need help with staying the course and not allowing myself to get off track. Since there isn’t anyone available in my day to day life, she suggested making the most of online resources. I’m definitely going to do that but think it will also be helpful to continue with coaching for a while as a way to check in on progress and possibly tweak things as needed.

    I would definitely recommend booking a session with Linda if you’re in need of anything from advice based on experience to a helpful cheerleader on this still-unconventional path to carnivore.

  3. Allison (verified owner)

    Linda was a tremendous resource for me. She is helping me fine-tune some things that I really needed to address. I appreciate her insight and energy, and am thankful that those assets are at work now for my health. She is an active listener and had very solid advice for me. Linda has a wonderful grasp of the science behind Carnivore. She is a terrific coach!

  4. Patricia Jones (verified owner)

    Linda is a great coach. Very knowledgeable and encouraging. I am interested in incorporating fasting into my carnivore lifestyle and she has been a huge help with that. I actually watched her interview with ketogenic girl and loved her attitude. She is also very passionate about US grown meat which I am too.

  5. Kathleen (verified owner)

    Linda and I had a great conversation! I am new to eating Carnivore and she gave me so many great tips. She listened really well and seemed very patient with me. I highly recommend talking with her!

  6. Donna Saffel (verified owner)

    I just finished my session with Linda. She helped me to confirm what I am doing well already and took my knowledge to the next level. I booked her because she has been eating this way for many years and I wanted that experience to influence our conversation. I also do intermittent fasting and wanted to tap into her knowledge for that.
    I enjoyed our session so much that I sent my daughter to her as well! Thank you Linda! I’ll be booking a check in soon!!

  7. Adriana de Bruin (verified owner)

    Linda was wonderful. I had a great time checking in with her. She gave me some great ideas for getting the most out of my carnivore journey and I can’t wait to talk with her again soon.

  8. Katie Rose (verified owner)

    Linda was great to talk with! She provided great advice and reassured me that I was on the right track with the carnivore lifestyle. She was also very encouraging, excited for me and my journey, and I felt very supported. Definitely recommend coaching with Linda!

  9. saoirse sheridan (verified owner)

    A dynamic and positive half an hour with Linda who knows her carnivore stuff 🙂
    Good to know I am doing a good job with current strategy and also giving a next step change – will be checking in again! Thank you Linda and Team MeatRx 🙂

  10. celia (verified owner)

    Linda es una persona maravillosa. Te ayuda mucho con todas las dudas que tienes y sobre todo al principio. Es un gran soporte y siempre te responde a todo. Gracias a ella sigo mi camino con dieta carnívora y mejorando poco a poco.
    Muchas gracias Linda por tu apoyo!!

  11. Saoirse Sheridan (verified owner)

    Super second coaching session with Linda. Great to check back in, have my successes endorsed, efforts acknowledged and a few clever tweaks to help me progress! on-wards and carnivore-wards 🙂

  12. Karenss (verified owner)

    Linda really listens and takes into consideration your specific issues and tries to help you make a plan specific for you. Extremely knowledgeable and has great suggestions. I highly recommend booking a coaching session with her. I chose her because we share the same health issues but I believe she could help anyone.

  13. Ammalu Saleh (verified owner)

    Linda is a great coach, I am so glad I had a session with her and will definitely be having more sessions. I feel like she is knowledgeable and supportive. I am new to carnivore diet so I have many questions and want to ensure I am doing the right thing, Linda assures me when I am in doubt or have questions. I would highly recommend coach Linda.

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