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Hi, I’m Linda, a long-term carnivore who has been a follower of the zero-carb carnivore diet since April 2015. I couldn’t be happier to have this online coaching tool to help guide you through all things carnivore!

I have used the carnivore diet to reverse my amenorrhea and PCOS, alleviate anxiety, and eliminate daily migraines.

With a carnivore diet, I have seen continued relief of edema from CVI (chronic venous insufficiency) and the elimination of near-constant pain from interstitial cystitis.

I have also experienced how the combination of fasting and the carnivore diet has effectively relieved the pain and bruising associated with lipedema.

It has been truly life-changing!

Curious about carnivore life, what to eat, what not to eat, or how to prepare meals? Starting out and worried about something specific? Need tips on intermittent fasting? Maybe you just want some accountability in your life to keep you on track. I’m just a couple of clicks away and here to support you in your carnivore journey.

-Linda (aka @thecarnitarian)

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  1. sjglaze3 (verified owner)

    I just finished a really great coaching session with Linda. She did a great job addressing my questions about starting a 100% carnivore diet, and I feel excited to start this journey. I chose Linda because we had a number of issues in common – including Lipedema, a distressing, painful condition where fat accumulates on the thighs and hips, even when the rest of your body has slimmed down. Linda has a wealth of information to share and is extremely supportive. I would definitely recommend her to anyone starting the carnivore diet.

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