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Fat kid turned Fit.  I was an overweight bullied kid in middle/high school who crash dieted to get in the military.  Then got overweight again when I was stationed in Alaska from depression.  Crashed dieted again to lose weight and get in shape before going home.  Discovered the gym thanks to a friend and launched myself into the fitness industry.  Have been a personal trainer on/off for the last 8 years while having been a gym advocate for the last 11 years.  Have literally done every diet there was, but it wasn’t until Carnivore that I discovered the “miracle cure”.  Now I’ve been a Carnivore advocate for the last 2 years.  Have put over 20 people on the diet so far who have all had nothing short of amazing results.  I can help you setup a realistic approach and educate you on the common misconceptions and shortcomings.


I’ve had personal experience with: Cronhn’s disease, bloat, back pain, Irritable Bowel Syndrome, brain fog, acne, arthritis, weight loss, joint pain, weight gain, bodybuilding, fasting, cardio, weight lifting, power lifting, crossfit, keto.

3 reviews for Lee B

  1. Jon pence

    Well worth it!!!

  2. Tim Back

    Lee knows what he is doing!
    I have had failed diet after failed diet. He introduced me to Carnivore and it has changed my life. And I am not starving myself. That’s the best part!
    I am sleeping better at night. I wake up fresh and ready to go. I have lost over 25lbs in this. And can’t wait to hit my goal. I seen a weight loss the first week.
    I highly recommend him!

  3. Stephan


    I had been struggling for years to lose weight and get inshape while still doing the things i love, lee showed me the carnivore diet and plans he made ( tailored for me ) and within a little while i had already lost 10-15 lb and im starting to lean out, finnaly after years of trying lol. i wasted alot of time and $$ on plans and trainers that did not work.
    And i have also noticed my sleeping habbits have changed, no more do i toss n turn trying to fall asleep, i constantly sleep easy and wakeup actually revitalised. Lee’s carnivore diet is the best thing that ever happened to me lol.

    Genuinly cannot recommend lee bowling MORE. Such an amazing coach!

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