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Country of Origin: Los Angeles, CA., USA

Time Zone: Pacific Standard Time

Spoken Language: English


I’ve had personal experience with healing tendonitis, migraines, UTI’s, fibroids, lengthy and painful menstrual cycles, depression and anxiety. Also, I lost 35 pounds!


Hi friend! Life is good and every moment matters.


When I decided to give this way of eating a try I had been feeling the pain of a severe onset of tendonitis in almost all of my major joints. My shoulder almost came out of socket just from sleeping on it wrong! It was terrible. My knees started having trouble, my elbows and hips too! I felt like I had been beaten up. Also, I was 30-40 pounds over weight and the joint pain was interfering with the functioning of my life on top of the other ailments.


About two weeks into the Carnivore diet the pain began to recede and I began to regain function again. By 60 days it was completely gone. My migraines disappeared and I became clear about which food items were the triggers to stay away from.  As my anxiety decreased, so did the sensations of migraine onset. No more urinary tract infections or fibroids which I had suffered from on and off for years. All gone after 6 months into it. And my menopausal symptoms (lower back pain, long painful menstrual cycles, hot flashes) have been almost completely been relieved. The depression has disappeared and the anxiety have significantly gone away after 18 months.  I feel like I found the fountain of youth! I felt like I was completely falling apart and now I feel like I am flying. It’s an incredible process you do not want to miss in your own life in your own way. I would love to be the liaison who connects you to your health and weight loss goals.

Can’t wait to meet you and get started!

All the best,

Lee Anne G

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2 reviews for Lee Anne G

  1. Maranda (verified owner)

    Ty for the informational session! This is worth much more then the charge occurred. Smart effective and helpful in my ZC journey! Person to book if you want a detail oriented friendly person to get you in the right path! I am excited about my new path and journey ahead!!

  2. Maranda Adams (verified owner)

    Heading on a journey with a fabulous coach! Easy to work with and communicates with you quickly! Very impressed with the knowledge she has to go through the start of my new way of eating!

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