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Hello there!

My name is Khaled and I’ve been predominantly carnivore since the summer of 2019. I look forward to helping you with any concerns about carnivore based nutrition. I enjoy giving support to anyone to help their transformation towards better health. I’ve been learning about the powerful effects and benefits of good nutrition for the past 2 yrs and am eager to help educate others given how the SAD has been so detrimental for the vast majority of us. I am enthusiastic about helping people transform their physical and mental health as the carnivore diet has helped me better control my weight and helped improve my mood and mental clarity.  I’ve had psychiatric training by profession and can say that, from what I have discovered with the carnivore WOE, the mental health benefits far exceed anything that a prescription pad has to offer and I am happy to  be a carnivore coach for you.

I hope to help the carnivore WOE become more widely known for the great improvements it can bring to anyone at any age/phase of life/health status because for too long the SAD and the traditional education regarding the food pyramid have proven to be the biggest hindrances for people to achieve their maximal health.

I look forward to meeting and best wishes on your new path!


1 review for Khaled H

  1. Malik (verified owner)

    Khaled gave me solid and practical advice on how to start the carnivore woe in simple easy ways. He answered every question and shared more knowledge than I thought to ask. I am glad that I chose him as a coach. Thank you Khaled and thank you Meatrx

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