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Surviving Late Stage Lyme Neuro-Borreliosis.

Hello! My name is Kelsey Faye.

Formerly 13 years plant based/vegan. In one and a half years, the Carnivore Diet has helped me overcome multiple autoimmune issues, mold toxicity, “late stage” Lyme Disease / Mixed Connective Tissue Disorder and severe skin problems. I was previously being treated under the insurance code for Multiple Sclerosis. I am so grateful to be living and my passion is to share this with others and help them live their best lives!

I can help with meal planning, preparation tips, adhering to the Carnivore lifestyle, support through rough patches or transitions. My background includes over 15 years of research and personal experience in:
metabolic disease, connective tissue disorders/joints/arthritis, gynecological disorders, hormone disturbances, fasting, G.I. health, chronic pain, multiple chemical sensitivity,  depression, anxiety, maintaining healthy body image and weight, migraines / headaches, spinal and brain trauma, scoliosis, spina bifida, mitochondria, nutritional deficiency, skin disease, mold exposure, vascular disease, “Morgellons Disease” (Lyme poly infections, Bovine Digital Dermatitis), non healing ulcers / vasculitis , Mast Cell / Histamine Intolerance / Leaky Gut, MTHFR genes, Methylation, WPW syndrome, Lyme and autoimmune issues.
Stages of healing

Hair, hygiene and skin care are some of my interests as well.

Feel free to book a session with me if you are seeking improvements in your quality of life! So excited to help you heal!


9 reviews for Kelsey F

  1. Hugo G. (verified owner)

    Kelsey is easily one of the nicest and most patient people I’ve spoken to and she makes discussing illness and this diet effortless. There wasn’t a single area of knowledge she wasn’t informed about and she had resources to help me with any issue I raised. Her own story of recovery is beyond inspiring. She is undoubtedly an incredible resource for navigating the harrowing journey of autoimmunity and she left me hopeful and unafraid.
    For a friendly, sympathetic, and competent carnivory coach, make a booking with Kelsey!

  2. Andrew (verified owner)

    Kelsey is extremely informative and knowledgeable about autoimmune issues and provides an inspiration story to give hope when trying out the carnivore diet. She is super friendly, non judgmental, and offers great listening support!

  3. Mahmoud Hanifa (verified owner)

    Mahmoud Hanifa

    Thank you MeatRx
    Thank you precious Kelsey,

    First, I’d like to thank MeatRx for preparing such a platform where we can find our path to heal away from drugs, supplements, and surgeries. And where we can meet valuable coaches such Kelsey. Some coaches unfortunately in meetings they list their points as if they were reading news paper but Kelsey was not. She listened carefully to me to understand what the challenge I’m facing till she found the gaps to fill or a barrier to remove. Although I read her biography yet I was really surprised by the amount of experience she gets, and amount of information she delivers. There is a proverb, in the Arabian world, says: ” Ask an experienced, and do not ask a doctor.” And I do believe that Kelsey is the experienced that you really need for coaching.

  4. Heather (verified owner)

    Thank you, Kelsey, for your excellent listening and suggestions. It means so much to be able to ask you questions and get thoughtful answers. There’s nothing like talking to someone who gets it!! Thank you to MeatRX for making this service available and possible. It is a gift to all of us striving for good health and happy lives.

  5. Terran Leigh Trosclair (verified owner)

    My session with Kelsey was relaxed and informative. I enjoyed the tips and tricks she brought from her own health journey. I recommend giving coaching with her a try!

  6. Griffin Howe (verified owner)

    Kelsey was very informative and easy to talk with. Being able to talk with someone who has experience using this diet to mitigate autoimmune conditions has been great. Thank you for this website/platform and thank you Kelsey.

  7. Nancy Hupalo (verified owner)

    I found Kelsey very easy to talk with and was put at ease right away…. My first online meeting :). It is so nice to talk with someone who ‘gets it’ when it comes to autoimmune disorders. I felt like i was too late after 30 yrs of trying every diet, conventional and non conventional medicine with no real results. Kelsey’s own story of health encouraged me not to despair over how late I am or to how long it’s taking to get results. I’m grateful for meatrx site and all the wonderful testimonies of healing and reclaiming of health and life and joy which is what we all want.

  8. Deana Garrett (verified owner)

    Kelsie was awesome!!! She was very knowledgeable and so kind. I felt very comfortable talking to her as well… She did her research on me before we chatted based on the profile I filled out and was able to answer all of my questions. After we were done she sent me an email with a lot of different information to follow up on and links as well… I can’t wait to talk to her again and tell her the progress I’ve made! I truly appreciate her taking her time with me!!

  9. Debra Alpert (verified owner)

    I just completed my first session with Kelsey and was impressed with her patience, understanding, knowledge, and rapid follow up email. She was kind and listened to my lengthy health story carefully, offering relevant suggestions based on research and personal experience. It was a supportive, informative, and positive interaction, and I look forward to future sessions where we can pursue some of the points raised in greater detail.
    Thanks also to Shawn Baker for making such valuable resources available to the community at a reasonable price. And, of course, many thanks to Kelsey!

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