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I started the Carnivore Diet in late 2018 after finding it on the internet. I suffered from bipolar, depression and anxiety for decades as well as developing arthritis in recent years. Since starting the Carnivore Diet I’ve been healthy and full of joy!

I advocate trying this diet to help with autoimmune diseases, inflammation, mental health and incessant weight issues.

I have a passion for helping people work towards better health by recommending nutritionally-rich foods, positive lifestyle choices and finding a great community of peers so you can thrive.

I am thrilled to help you in this easy and personal way. Get started now with the Carnivore Diet so that you too can have a different, better health story.

3 reviews for Katja H

  1. Sara Jespersen (verified owner)

    Katja is such an inspiration. I have watched a lot of her videos and post and the coaching session helped confirm I was on track plus lots of helpful suggestions of tweaks and additions. It helps to know I am doing well, and how I could do even better. And best of all, to be kind and gentle with myself and my healing. Thank you!

  2. David (verified owner)

    The coaching session was exactly what I needed to get back and stay on track. The time speaking with Katja was not only informative but enjoyable too. Very inspired by Katja’s story and hoping to head in the same direction! Thanks once again!

  3. Beata (verified owner)

    Really enjoyed coaching session with Katja – very friendly and encouraging conversation with tips how to make transition to carnivore diet easier and lots of useful links – learned a lot of new things.Thank you

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