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I have been carnivore for 18 months & have seen my health completely upgrade. At 50 years old, I am an autoimmune disease fighter, Massage Therapist, Anatomy & Physiology Teacher.  My passion is figuring out how to be the healthiest version of ourselves.

Scroll down to see a more detailed timeline of my journey to carnivore & the best health I have ever had!

If you find yourself at that same crossroads of wanting to find your best health, please reach out. I look forward to helping you



Being a massage therapist for over 25 years, I tend to look at everything through the lens of what does it look like in the soft tissue.

Proteins are the type of nutrient that your body uses to build soft tissue. When are you building soft tissue? In my opinion, building healthy soft tissue is a life long goal.

Having managed a long-term diagnosis of Distal Ulcerative Colitis, I look back now and see how the nutritional guidelines were biased. What my body told me to eat and what the doctors told me to eat were completely contradictory. After 18 months of carnivore, I can say, I have never felt more in control of my health. At the age of 50, it was a long time coming and I am so happy to be here!

A timeline of my healing journey~

From 1970 -1990, I was diagnosed with every skin disease going. Eczema, psoriasis & atopic dermatitis were the top three. No medicine worked. I also suffered from constant diarrhea & abdominal pain. I was eating a standard diet but my mother was quite conscious of sugar so that was limited. Lots of veggies & grains & low fat. I had a lot of antibiotics for strep throat ages 10-20. I was always a bit overweight – even when I was limiting my food intake. And was always very active, running every morning before school & dancing three times a week.

In 1991, I was diagnosed with Distal Ulcerative Colitis after losing 30 pounds in 4 weeks & near constant rectal bleeding. To say the doctors were on no help nutritionally would be an understatement. My personality made me seek out help anywhere I could find it.

1992-2003, I was coasting thru, keeping food journals trying to find a trigger. I went back and forth between eating fish and vegetarian as that was the best research I could find to help assist my gut health. Being 5’10”, I could “hide” my weight…but at my heaviest, I was 205 pounds. In 2002, we decided to try and start a family. I changed up my diet to fish, chicken & veggies ( red meat as it had been beaten into my head that it was contraindicated for UC) also went off birth control. I was 33 & I lost 30 pounds in about 2 months. We got pregnant immediately. During pregnancy, the munchkin wanted all the steak! I got to know my butchers & was eating steak twice a day & eggs the rest. I felt amazing! People talked about how I was the happiest pregnant person. I was running 5 miles a day through out my pregnancy & actual did a 4 miler the day I had him.  The positive response to meat kept up but I added a lot of things to it. And way more sugars to assist for the new baby schedule.  About 6 months after breast feeding ceased, all hell broke loose & my auto immune stuff roared back. There was new stuff to like hair loss & inflamed joints. My doctors said this would happen, that it was the pregnancy hormones that had got me through and the food had nothing to do with it. I was a mom of a very active toddler, so I just went with the doctors explaination.

From 2004- 2012, I basically coasted thru doing all the recommended protocols for Distal UC. Not getting better but I thought it was a win because I wasn’t getting any worse. I was averaging 200 pounds in weight.

In 2013, not only were my UC symptoms still aggressive but was told I was a Type 2 Diabetic! I was eating the recommended vegetarian diet & was a good patient. So, to deal with my frustration, I started Crossfit. It was there I was introduced to the Paleo way of eating, I saw my strength improve & my digestion got a little better. I got down to 175 pounds but it creeped up to 185 when I wasn’t doing CrossFit 5 days a week.

Then in 2016, I went Keto & I felt amazing!  Although I was down to 170 pounds, I still had chronic diarrhea & just got my Type 2 diabetes under control with no medications. Six months into Keto, I also incorporated fasting which helped accelerate my healing & helped me learn my hunger cues.

In 2018, I went Carnivore.  Within 4 months, my blood work looked exactly how I wanted – I was no longer Type 2 & my doctors were scratching their heads. My last colonoscopy showed no active patches of UC!  And the scarring from past flairs were almost invisible!  Additional benefits …I weigh 160 pounds, have no more stomach pain or bloat, my hair grew back, my libido came back, my life long skin issues were gone & people kept mentioning how healthy I looked.

On MeatRx, you will find like minded people, where you can ask questions, no matter how big or small. I tell my son that you are the average of the 5 people you surround yourself with & if you want to change something in your life, surround yourself with those people.  I have found many of those folks on the internet and know for sure there are a ton of people around that will support you even if you do not live near them or ever meet them in person.






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