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My focus is helping people heal through eating meat.

My experience with the carnivore diet has helped me heal years of metabolic syndrome and an alcohol addiction. I am a Navy vet that fights for what I believe in. I believe meat heals. I watched the Standard American Diet take people I love from me. I decided I wanted to break that cycle and live a long and healthy life. I went Keto for 2 years and transitioned to carnivore. Eating meat healed me and I watched years of alcoholism, anxiety, high blood pressure, and mood disorders melt away. I have the pleasure of also having my wife and daughter as carnivores and resources in my coaching journey.

I believe meat heals and I want to help you on your journey.

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Jon healed addiction, metabolic syndrome, and anxiety on a carnivore diet


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7 reviews for Jonathan R

  1. Roger Clayton (verified owner)

    Met with Jonathan today and I really appreciate his honesty about his own life and struggles and how he came to the conclusion that the carnivore diet was the answer he was searching for. Iā€™m looking forward to working with Jonathan on a regular basis as I begin my journey to looking and feeling significantly better on the carnivore diet.

  2. Joshua Long (verified owner)

    I met with Jonathan last week and got everything I was hoping to out of the conversation, and then some!
    He gave me so many resources to add to my education on leaving carbs in my past and was an open book to answer every question I had.
    Definitely feel like I have someone experienced in my corner to go to whenever I need and could tell he really is passionate about helping others on this journey.
    Very grateful to have connected with him.

  3. Eva Pettijohn (verified owner)

    Jonathan R is a great resource for all matters carnivore. šŸ™‚

  4. Cody Zehmke (verified owner)

    Jonathan said some key things in regards to the mental aspect and relationships with food that really hit home for me, and lit a fire under my ass, to get started in my journey

  5. Pier Arbini (verified owner)

    Spoke With Jonathan Last Week, Was Surprised How Open And Honest He Was Right Off The Bat. Answered All My Questions And Concerns, The Most Important Thing He Did Was Put Things Into Perspective. Looking Forward To Starting This Journey

  6. Sandra Phillips (verified owner)

    What a great success story! I’ve been following Jon on Instagram and am so inspired by his passion for helping others avoid diabetes and subsequent health problems that took his mother’s life. I was headed in the same miserable direction of diabetes when I found carnivore. Met with Jon for an online coaching session and am impressed with both his knowledge and compassion. Thank you, Jon, for helping me evaluate my current eating plan, my progress so far and for helping me think of a fitness plan that is doable and something I will enjoy! Your mama would be proud! šŸ™‚

  7. Darren (verified owner)

    Jon was awesome! I am just starting out and had about a dozen questions, he answered all and also gave me additional resources. He didn’t come to the session with his own agenda, he let me drive, which I really appreciated.

    It’s also very clear he isn’t in this for the money. He’s coaching to help others because he’s passionate about it.

    I will book more sessions with Jon as I move along the journey

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