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Hello my name is John,

I am 61 years of age and I am from Montreal, Quebec Canada
I speak French and English

I have been following a strict Carnivore regime since November 2018 and before that a Ketogenic diet since 2003.
Although things were going very well while on a Ketogenic diet, the Carnivore lifestyle just took it to another level.

As a former elite athlete I am amazed at how effortless achieving ideal body composition has become, and my strength continues to improve daily on this diet. Joint pain and arthritis, which plagued me for years, cleared up completely within 4-5 weeks of beginning the carnivore diet. Digestion has never been better, no bloating, gas or distended stomach. Skin quality has improved and my formerly completely grey hair has begun to regain some of its former darkness.

For me the Carnivore lifestyle is like a secret weapon or secret power that everyone has access to but that very few take advantage of.

My goal is to demonstrate how easy it is to switch to a carnivore lifestyle and immediately start experiencing the life changing health benefits.

I enjoy the outdoors and have always been physically active in sport and nature. I work in the health care sector and have been preoccupied with optimizing human performance most of my life. I am a manual therapist of the Structural Integration variety and the founder and senior instructor of a modality called Adaptive Bodywork.

I am also a certified Primal Health Coach (Mark Sisson), a Metabolic Fitness Pro (Bryan Walsh), and a nutrition consultant and lifestyle coach. I refer to myself as being a dietary agnostic but align myself with the Ancestral/Primal/Paleo/Ketogenic/Carnivore principles as well as with fasting, to address the current epidemic of Type 2 diabetes with all its various manifestations. I work with clients with metabolic syndrome which includes obesity, insulin resistance, type two diabetes, cancer, dementia, and autoimmune dysfunction.

My client base ranges from professional athletes to ninety year old women wishing to improve their movement quality and general well being. I work and teach these principles across Canada and in Europe. I am based in Montreal and am passionate about my work and life in general. I am a former competitive athlete, so sport and enhancing human performance on a base of sound cellular/metabolic health, longevity and health span, remain a primary focus of what I do. My friends refer to me as a body nerd. Currently my sports activities include Cycling, Alpine Skiing, Squash, Tennis, Olympic lifting, Rowing and Trail running HIIT style.

I’m looking forward to getting you up to speed with the Carnivore Diet
Give me a call and let’s get started


13 reviews for John S

  1. David T (verified owner)

    I specifically wanted to talk to John because he is a lifter, and has been weightlifting some pretty heavy amounts, and is stronger than me and twice my age. He gave me good advice on some things to try to get through my plateau, I’m excited to try them. Thanks John!

  2. Lance C (verified owner)

    I just had a meeting with John S. With John being a performance athlete his background aligned with my goals and where I see myself in the future. He was very informative and knowledgeable on carnivore. With all the reading and research I have been doing on the carnivore diet he managed to enlighten me on seeing it it more clearly and what happens at a metabolic level. I am very excited to take this 30 day challenge and go full carnivore. Book a coaching session. He’s awesome!

  3. stephen thomas (verified owner)

    Just of my zoom video with John and I couldn’t be more motivated. Excellent information, very clear and detailed. Went over time slightly but John was Ok as he wanted to make sure I’d got the answers I needed. I’ve been carnivore for 6 months and I’m doing great on it so I wasn’t sure I could actually push on but John has given me some guidance how to ‘turbo charge’ my progress. Glad I booked.

  4. Will (verified owner)

    Man where can I start. This guy is a probably in the best shape out of anybody else 60+ on the planet. If you’re an athlete or into fitness and are looking into the carnivore diet, this is your coach. In our two sessions so far, John impressed me with his Extensive exercise and nutritional knowledge. He genuinely answered every question I had, and provided ample factual/anecdotal evidence supporting any claim. There were many questions I had that were too specific too have been covered in a YouTube video or internet article, and John always had an answer. John respects your personal approach to the diet as well, even though he does not eat dairy, he never persuaded me not to eat it. A lot of people will let their ego and dogma overtake their diet, not John. Also a great resource for any concerns or questions in the gym.

  5. Will Wakefield (verified owner)

    Man where do I begin. If you’re an ATHLETE of any kind, talk to this man. John is probably the fittest 61 yr old I’ve ever met. Off the cuff I knew he was the right choice, his results speak for themselves. It was important to talk with someone who was experienced in training/athletics, as I am a former athlete but continue to train with weights and some high intensity cardio 5-6 times a week. He answered every question I had with ease and accuracy, citing scientific evidence, personal anecdotes, or a combination of both. I’ve done two sessions, and got so much out of each. He’s also very open to how other people want to approach the diet. Not everyone will eat organ meats, raw foods, and exclude dairy and spices. He helps you find your middle ground while referencing his own experiences. He also didn’t stop the session short if it went over 30 min. He wanted to make sure every question I had was answered, and was more than happy to do so. Highly recommend John. His nutritional and exercise knowledge is DEEP and believe me it is not easy to find a living resource like this. Well worth the money.

  6. Will Wakefield (verified owner)

    I I wrote a more thorough review of John just now and would like that posted out of courtesy to John. So please Approve that one and do not post this review or the first one I posted a couple days ago. Thanks

  7. Don B (verified owner)

    I started carnivore in October 2019. I am 67, swim 3-5 miles per week and lift lite weights. I had been on a grain free diet for the last few years. My adaptation to carnivore has been mostly positive but I still have muscle cramping, occasional arrhythmia (which I have had for 15 years), and have struggled to keep my weight up since starting carnivore. The call I had with John today was really worthwhile. He has a deep understanding of performance training and strength building being a former elite athlete and a Primal Health Coach. He was able to make several recommendations to address my challenges. I highly recommend John as a coach. It is hard to find someone with such a vast depth of experience and training.

  8. John (verified owner)

    Regarding John S., he is a wonderfully knowledgeable coach. His understanding of how our bodies work, combined with his personal experiences as an athlete and active carnivore, make him the ideal coach. I would highly recommend him to others!

  9. Kelly O. (verified owner)

    John is SUPER knowledgeable in all aspects of nutrition, he is also extremely smart when it comes to the science behind exercising. It’s a bargain and a privilege to be able to converse with such an intelligent and friendly person….I highly recommend!!!

  10. Augustine Desrosier (verified owner)

    I chose John because he’s my same age and because of his experience. He confirmed what I’ve learnt through experience of trial and errior. He clarified the path I needed to take by adapting a carnivore diet and HIgh intensity exercise. He’s a very knowledgeable and intelligent coach. I’m going to check in with him to ask more questions and get valuable feedback and accountability.

  11. Carl Feinman (verified owner)

    Just started the carnivore diet (day2) and had my session with John. I felt very much listened to and John answered all my questions related to the diet. He gave the information along with some motivation to adhere to the diet. He also offered a suggestion for me to change my whole workout philosophy and routine. As a result of the session I feel extremely motivated to embark on my journey to optimize my physical, emotional, and cognitive health . Thank you John. I highly recommend John as a coach

  12. Maria Aldrete (verified owner)

    Had my first session with John today. John is very knowledgeable and explains things in an easy to understand and direct fashion. He helped me prioritize and gave me some great tips on how to start carnivore diet. I am looking forward to following his coaching and checking in again in a weeks time!

  13. James Stegenga (verified owner)

    John has tons of experience in the realm of nutrition and sports performance, and it was inspirational to hear about how the carnivore diet has improved his life. I’ve been hemming and hawing about diving fully into this way of eating, and I’m now committed to going for it. I’m about the same age as him, and I’ve slacked off a bit (quite a bit) from my former level of fitness. He’s definitely given me some idea of what is possible. He answered my questions clearly, and spent extra time addressing my concerns. I’m looking forward to checking in with him in a few weeks.

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