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Hello! My name is Glen…

Since leaving rehab in 2018 aged just 21, I have been on the quest for optimal health, especially mental health.

I refused to believe that the rest of my life would be filled with anxiety and depression.

I have tried and tested many diets, supplements and protocols but have found none as powerful as the carnivore diet.

I have had personal experience with anxiety, depression, addiction, poor sleep, weight loss and gut issues.

Since beginning an animal-based diet over 2 years ago, I have lost several stone, gained a healthy physique, my gut no longer gives me issues, I sleep well almost every night and wake up with energy. But most importantly, I enjoy life!

My ultimate passion is to help others heal as I have done.

I have helped many friends and family members improve many aspects of health by passing on my knowledge and experience. I’m super excited to be able to reach a much larger community through MeatRx!

Find me on Instagram as @glenwallacehealth

13 reviews for Glen S

  1. Callum B

    I am currently midway through my Carnivore Diet. Glen has been there to mentor and coach me through the adaptation phase and provide me more than useful insight into the reasoning behind each part of my journey. By offering a holistic (non dogmatic) approach it has allowed me to adapt the Carnivore Diet specifically to my needs and in turn enhance my body and mind. The plan set out by Glen has allowed me to smoothly transition into this diet by ensuring that I am taking reasonable and achievable steps each day. If you are looking for someone who will put the time and effort into assisting you on your Carnivore mission then Glen is the right person to contact!

  2. James

    Glen has closely monitored my diet and provided expert advice on how to diet and train and adjust to becoming a carnivore, this has greatly enhanced my lifestyle and I feel like it has changed my outlook on life. My energy levels have improved and I feel less bloated and all round more active. He is always free to help and really enjoys what he does and has a real passion for ensuring his clients get results! Would recommend to anyone’s trying to make an improvement on there life!!

  3. Andrew B

    Glen has been a wealth of knowledge and experience from the offset with the transition towards an animal based diet/lifestyle. Glen is happy to answer any questions posed about the diet and is hugely knowledgeable and passionate about the carnivore diet, which makes all the difference.

  4. Tony Harkin

    I have now had a couple of meetings with Glen and have been thoroughly impressed with his knowledge of the Carnivore Diet and the advice he has given me has helped me change my lifestyle drastically whilst still being seriously satisfied. Glen’s knowledge and advice is second to none and it is clearly evident that he has done a lot of research and has vast experience with different variations of the diet. I would highly recommend Glen to anyone regardless of their prior knowledge of the Carnivore Diet as he is able to explain the basics very well at the start and go into much more detail as you gain more knowledge through independent research. Thanks Glen

  5. Stirling

    I have always kept fit and tried to look after my wellbeing, but Glen’s depth of knowledge and advice has enabled me to take my understanding of optimal health to the next level completely – not only through a largely animal-based diet but improved sleep and energy levels too.

  6. Scott W

    Glen has been incredibly helpful since I started taking an interest in living a healthier lifestyle and becoming more conscious of the link between what we eat and our general health and well-being.

    His remarkable knowledge and interest in nutrition and welfare is rivalled only by his passion to help others along the way.

    His friendly and helpful advice really pushed me to start making a few changes to my life, which have resulted in weight-loss, an improved mood and better sleeping routine.

  7. Michael Ruse

    Glen was instrumental during the turn of the year (and continues to be) by applying his in-depth knowledge and expertise to optimise my health and general well-being.

    Glen’s holistic and tailored approach to health and well-being is second to none in my opinion from initial consultation to continued ongoing support and guidance.

    I’ve suffered from poor sleep, bloating to niggling knee pains from running to name a few and pleased to say those days are a thing of the past since partnering with Glen.

  8. Cris Bowman (verified owner)

    In this day and age there are more young people with depression than ever before, I do believe diet is one of the most common causes for the kind that just won’t go away. Glen is very well researched and experienced for the average person trying carnivore, and I believe he has extra insight that can help people in my generation. Very welcoming, good communicator, and a great listener.

  9. JASON MCKEE (verified owner)

    If you are looking for a coach with a broad range of experience and knowledge concerning this lifestyle and how they compare with others, Glen is an excellent resource. He listened to my concerns and questions and gave balanced and logical responses without posing himself as an authority. He also gave me more than the allotted time (don’t expect it though!!). It felt more like a good conversation with a more knowledgeable friend.

  10. Gabriel Bold (verified owner)

    Very good insights on how to start the carnivore diet. Was a pleasure to talk to him.

  11. Jelmar Schotanus (verified owner)

    It was great talking to Glen. He’s very relatable and offers great service.

  12. Tom S (verified owner)

    Glen helped talk me through some of the more nuanced aspects of eating along the lines of the carnivore diet. He was open and honest about his experiences and perspective, not just offering easy cookie cutter answers and I came away with some useful things to implement.

  13. Chris (verified owner)

    Glen was great. Down to earth, explained some key issues as to what I was experiencing, and provided some motivational tips to continue on my carnivore journey. He cleared up some misconceptions and worries I had about this way of eating and guided me through some genuine concerns regarding my transition phase.

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