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Hi I’m Fernanda

The last 15 years I was searching for good health and nutrition, I went from being a year vegan, nine years vegetarian, two years low carb, six months on a Keto diet but still have some issues to solve… that’s when I wanted to try a Carnivore diet for a month, and now is my lifestyle!

I feel better than ever!

I solved my cystic acne and asthma problem, after 15 years of chronic medication, I also improved my energy, mood, sleep quality, my hormones got balanced, loss fat weigh and gain muscle mass!

That’s why I want to share and guide the community into the Carnivore lifestyle, I improved not only my physical health but also my mental health. I also see the same results in my family.

I have a functional medicine center, that uses a Carnivore lifestyle as a therapeutic nutritional protocol and I frequently research about how to achieve optimal health.

2 reviews for Fernanda L

  1. Barbara (verified owner)

    So happy with Fernanda. She has been so nice and empathic, so predisposed to help. She’s the perfect coach and I will repeat with her for sure and for long time. Love her! Also very practical that I can speak with her in spanish.

  2. yeyme (verified owner)

    Hoy tuve mi primera sesión con Fernanda, muy cordial, amable y simpatica. Me explico un par de cosas que no tenia claras, disipo varias dudas y me oriento para continuar este proceso de adaptación, estoy muy contenta con haber hablado con ella. Y por supuesto que bueno que habla español!!!

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