Elyssa H


No vegetables. No fruit. No kidding. Does that make you curious about the Carnivore Diet? It made me curious. Formerly a paleo keto dieter and sweet tooth junkie (2013-2019), I’ve turned into an animal-based nutrition advocate and MeatRx Carnivore Coach. 

The carnivore diet has helped me manage acne, eczema, and psoriasis. It’s also helping me manage brain fog, cptsd, depression, anxiety, and food addiction disorder. The other benefit is the consistent weight loss (not rapid, but steady.) The complicated relationship I had with food has become a straightforward one. I live well, love well, sleep well, because I eat well. If you can eat the same thing every day, meal prepping will be easy. And if you’re like me where you thrive with variety, I have simple carnivore recipe recommendations. Carnivore is a way of eating you can taper into or “just do it.” We can discuss the pros and cons of both of those options depending on your needs, goals, and any other questions you may have. 

There are so many benefits to Carnivore. I can confidently coach you on using the Carnivore diet for:

  • Weight-loss
  • Mental clarity
  • Food addiction
  • Binge eating

Outside of MeatRx, I have dual business degrees, love hiking, camping, and fly fishing. I mentor female teenagers and enjoy volunteering. I work as a lifestyle and mindset coach—professionally certified by the ICF as well as also being a certified hot yoga instructor. I enjoy helping people create healthy lifestyles they love living. If you find you’re struggling with mindset and sticking to Carnivore, I’m just one booking away. Follow me on my new dedicated carnivore account @meatrxcoach_elyssa on Instagram for carnivore inspiration, education, connection, and cool pictures of meat. 



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