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The human body has amazing regenerative capabilities. With the right diet and lifestyle everyone has the ability to better their own health.

I’m a 38 year old husband and father of 3 young kids. My own debilitating health problems led me to low carbohydrate way of eating 5 years ago which resolved almost all my issues. I then moved to almost an entirely animal product based diet which has allowed me to thrive to the point I now feel and perform better than I ever have before.

My interest in health improvement has led me to to undertake an MSc in Personalized Nutrition which adds to my depth of understanding.

In my free time I enjoy being with family, weight training and spending time outside.

I look forward to imparting what I have learnt that with the aim of enabling you to be the master of your own health.

5 reviews for Dorian S

  1. Becks (verified owner)

    Had a call worh Dorian and cant fault him. Has been a massive help and is helping me change over to carnivore. Body hasn’t handled the higher fat straight away so we are taking a slower approach and with Dorians guidance it will defo help me. If you are planning carnivore I do highly recommend getting in touch with a couch to help with the transformation

  2. Anika Grant-Braham (verified owner)

    Dorian has an extensive knowledge on the subject and after our first session he has already put me on the right track. I’d definitely recommend booking some sessions with him for anyone who wants to optimise this way of eating.

  3. Anthony (verified owner)

    It was great talking with Dorian, he has a wealth of knowledge and answered a lot of question I had. Highly recommend Dorian.

  4. Adrian Gil (verified owner)

    I had a good time talking with Dorian. He is very knowledgeable and understanding. What I really liked about him is he’s a guys guy and makes talking so much easier. I will look forward to working with him.

  5. Widmark Alexandre (verified owner)

    Dorian was knowledgeable about transitioning over to carnivore diet from from the sad diet. We went in depth on how I can accomplish muscle gain and fat adaptation from red meat, fish, and poultry. Being that he has dietitian background was plus. Also, he was able to relate man to man.

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