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Hi.  My name is Dana (pronounced DAN-nuh).

I am a recovering sugar addict. The results of which impacted my relationships to others and food, and took a toll on my body. My 5’2” frame became morbidly obese tipping the scale at 255 pounds and 54% body fat.  By going carnivore, I have personally resolved or drastically improved the following issues:

  • Extreme cravings, sugar addiction, and uncontrollable eating (sneaking food)
  • Mental depression and anxiety (at times severe)
  • Mental fog and memory issues
  • Leaky gut and IBS
  • Joint pain
  • Auto immune disease  – Skin issues (rashes, eczema, Lichen Planus, Lichen Sclerosis)
  • Yo-yo dieting (Raw Vegan, Keto, Paleo, Low fat, low calorie, plus about a dozen others)
  • Fatigue and body pains
  • Fatty liver
  • Insulin resistance – pre-diabetes
  • Edema and inflammation
  • Hormone imbalances (Endometriosis, PCOS)
  • B12 deficiency anemia
  • Symptoms of food intolerance including sinus issues and headaches
  • Adult acne
  • Excess Weight

Before carnivore I was plagued by constant unhealthy thoughts of food and I felt like I was either planning or preparing something just to make it through the day.  I struggled with hunger and satiety.  My health issues persisted and as soon as I got off a diet my weight would rapidly return.

Since 2017, I have been learning about and incorporating fasting.  I am experienced in intermittent fasting or timed eating, and in extended fasting.  In September of 2018 I started my carnivore journey from dirty to strict and everything in between. There have been ups and downs along the way but I have learned so much.  I feel fantastic and it is freeing on so many levels.

Weight Loss comparison
Progress photo 2019 to 2020

I am thankful to be able to lend my knowledge from personal experience and training to help others. N=1 is key and I look forward to coaching you on your journey to find what works best for you.



8 reviews for Dana S

  1. Kathy Kirkpatrick (verified owner)

    Great session today with Dana, she was very understanding and listened to my concerns and offered doable suggestions to me as a beginner carnivore. I was pleased with the session and will book a followup, thank you

  2. Emily (verified owner)

    Thank you, Dana! I’ve really struggled with emotional eating and sugar cravings, and Dana had helpful suggestions based on the experience of herself and others. I feel optimistic that I don’t have to remain stuck and can keep moving towards a healthier place.

  3. Samantha Kern (verified owner)

    I had a great first session with Dana today. She made sure to answer all of my questions and gave me some really great suggestions for starting my carnivore journey!

  4. Kim Richardson (verified owner)

    I met with Dana for my first session this week and I’ve already booked follow up sessions. She’s easy to talk to, funny, knowledgeable and gave me great ideas and challenges as I restart my carnivore woe. I read a lot of the coaches bios and wanted someone with experience in some of the same things that I struggle with. I highly recommend Coach Dana but greatly recommend to anyone who’s new to try a coaching session. Having someone to talk to is such a big help!

  5. Stephanie Woods (verified owner)

    Dana is very knowledgeable and helpful. She really listened to our questions and helped us tailor our program to fit our specific needs! My husband and I both started carnivore with her help and she was very accessible and easy to talk to about everything! I highly recommend Dana as a coach!

  6. Raymond Woods

    My wife and I both started carnivore together and had a lot of questions. Dana was so easy to talk to. She was very knowledgeable and helped us make a food plan work for our needs! I really like working with Dana and recommend her to anyone who wants to do carnivore!

  7. Tonya Furr (verified owner)

    Today was my first session with Dana and it was wonderful!! She was very helpful and insightful. She saw deeper than what was just on the surface. Thank you Dana!! For the first time I truly believe I can do this and that is thanks to you. Your help and support, so from the bottom of my heart I thank you!!

  8. Beth (verified owner)

    Don’t wait another day for coaching. It’s SO helpful. Dana understands what I am going through and has given me practical advice that has made all the difference. I am such an emotional eater, addicted to sugar/carbs and felt so hopeless… could I ever get back on track? I have eaten carnivore before and completely fell off the wagon due to stress. I felt way better eating carnivore but couldn’t seem to get back there. I was tired of trying and tired of being alone in the struggle. Dana is on your side and she’s a phenomenal encourager. I wish I had found her long ago! Having someone who gets it and doesn’t judge is so helpful. I now know that I need to trust the process, lean on Dana and follow her advice- and I’ll get to a much healthier place. I highly recommend Dana as a coach!

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