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Brooke E

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Hi,  my name is Brooke and I’d love to help you meet your health, weight, and fitness goals.
You deserve to live your best life, let me help you do just that.
I have eaten carnivore since July of 2018 after my beloved life partner suddenly died of brain cancer. 3 weeks after Mark left,  I fell from a roof and broke my back.  and frankly, I wanted to die too.  I turned toward the carnivore diet to strengthen my broken back, my broken life and help heal my broken heart.
The benefits have been immense. I’m stronger and have found the resolve to move forward. Not only has my back recovered and getting better daily, I have seen improvements in muscle mass, dental health, rosacea, anxiety, allergies, mood stabilization, brain fog, skin sensitivity, joint pain, amazing sports recovery speed, bloating, digestion and body composition.
And a deep gratitude to the animals whose lives sustain mine.
Life is going to heap challenges on all of us, give yourself a fighting chance with optimal nutritional support. You deserve your own radical self care and your best life.
I’m happy to help you with this transition and share what I know. What, when and how to eat on this amazing species specific carnivore diet.  Shopping tips, prep, hacks, eliminating cravings, detoxifying from oxalates, tweaking the diet to fit your goals, and helping you stay accountable to yourself.
Stunning health and strength is possible. Get yours.
Survive and Thrive.


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