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I’m Brett & have been Carnivore for over 800 days now. I lost 40+ years of mental illness  symptoms following the Carnivore way of eating. I have personal experience with severe depression, anxiety, insomnia, eczema & hemorrhoids  Every aspect of my life has been immensely improved living this way & I want the same for YOU!

As a former mental health professional eating meat & drinking water for almost 2 years now I am experienced in helping people suffering from Depression & Anxiety & other mood related issues using the Carnivore way of eating to help folks rid themselves of inflammation & end their toxin consumption!

Let’s get you symptom-free ASAP! Book a session with me today & we can get started!


Let me help you reach your goals!
Like results? Let me help you get the results you require via the Carnivore Diet today!

38 reviews for Brett L

  1. A. (verified owner)

    Brett is a fountain of knowledge and a great coach. He brought a positive attitude and a wealth of experience to my first coaching session. I learned a lot and came away with several strategies that I can implement right away on my path as a facultative carnivore looking to heal and achieve peak fitness. Would definitely book again. Thank you for your help and your time!

  2. Steve F. (verified owner)

    I finished my first coaching session with Brett yesterday (12/17/19) and he was awesome. He’s understanding, knowledgeable, and positive. His explanations of what carnivory really is and why and how he approaches were simple but there’s a level of wisdom to his approach that left me very impressed. I very much look forward to working with him again in 30 days as a follow-up.

  3. Judy L (verified owner)

    Brett is an excellent coach. He immediately focused on my issues, clarified a number of things for me, and gave me very concise suggestions for proceeding forward. His understanding, compassion, and personal experience are very inspiring and have motivated me to make a lot of good changes. Thank you so much Brett and I look forward to our next conversation!

  4. Jarad (verified owner)

    My coaching session with Brett was very helpful. I left feeling very assured and hopeful that I can succeed and do well with the Carnivore diet. He answered all my questions. I came away with a simple, clear vision of how I can make this WOE a permanent lifestyle. Thanks Brett!

  5. Brian Lowder (verified owner)

    Brett is knowledgeable about the carnivore WOE. He pointed me in the right direction in a very kind, nonjudgmental way. I thoroughly enjoyed my session with him and his guidance is very helpful.

  6. Matthew (verified owner)

    I had a great session with Brett! He was positive, knowledgeable, and honed in quickly on where my approach to the carnivore diet needed to be tweaked. Unknowingly, I was following some practices that were hurting my progress rather than helping it. I expect with the changes Brett has recommended, that 2020 will be a breakthrough year for me as I follow the carnivore diet. Thanks Brett!

  7. Timothy Hall (verified owner)

    “You deserve to be happy and healthy.” What a compassionate and knowledgeable coach.

    Everyone will resonate with a different coach, but I will not hesitate to say Brett’s attitude and energy alone is worth a session.

  8. Jo Laine Gee (verified owner)

    What a valuable half hour! Brett zeroed right in to get a handle on what I’ve been doing (Day 11 y’all!!!) and was very warm, knowledgable and supportive. I feel very encouraged now despite some ‘keto flu’ symptoms. Will definitely stick with this! I’m so grateful that this opportunity is available. This support session was absolutely terrific! Thanks Brett!

  9. Maitri Libellule (verified owner)

    I just had my first coaching session with Brett and it was absolutely WONDERFUL! I am new to carnivore after being keto for over 2 years and I had a list of questions which he answered and then some. This was an enormous help and I plan to see him once a month. I can’t recommend him highly enough. Thanks Brett!

  10. Brenda Brooks (verified owner)

    Brett is one of the most encouraging, positive coaches that you can find. His experience with the carnivore diet and the battles he has overcome are amazing. He generously shares his strength & hope. If you need a boost i’d highly recommend him.

    Thank you Brett!

  11. Annelise Smith (verified owner)

    My first Carnivore coaching session with Brett was wonderful: I had listened to a couple of his interviews on YouTube, so I knew his amazing story already. I told him about myself, how I’m a fairly new Carnivore (since Nov. 1st, 2019) and what my goals are (mostly, weight loss). Brett offered a number of specific, helpful pieces of advice: he knew just what questions to ask me. I feel that he is very protective of his clients, he wants us to succeed and has personal knowledge of what can sidetrack us. I’m going to continue to meet with him regularly, as I feel that he will be a valuable resource on this Carnivore journey! —Annelise

  12. Dave (verified owner)

    Great Value, very polite and thoughtful. I was impressed. Yes he wants us to succeed most important he took the time to explain areas of carnivore that helped.
    Good Job Brett & thank you!

  13. Susan Grinberg-Smith (verified owner)

    I was amazed at how much Brett was able to understand my journey and what I was looking for. He was patient and kind, listened to my concerns without judgment.

  14. Daniel Sommerville (verified owner)

    Bretts few success instructions are very clear, concise and straight forward. His testimony is amazing and he is very happy and upbeat. He answered my questions and put me at ease. My “quick fix” mindset needs to be changed and I’m encouraged that when I decided to embark on this lifestyle my body and brain will change for the better!
    That being said I am still a little hesitant to give up all plants but I am excited to have this “tool” in my back pocket for when I decide to commit fully!

  15. Ed Glynn (verified owner)

    Amazing! Thought I was carnivore for 2 weeks. Was gaining weight and it was beginning to feel like a diet. Brett gave me the magic formula (one of which was to throw away the scale). In 4 days I have supercharged my way. Fog lifting from my mind. Clothes melting off this 320+lb SAD diet body. Thank you, sir.


  16. JoJo (verified owner)

    Brett is a beautiful person! He shoots from the hip with only the clients best interest at heart! He listens and he hears. I appreciate all he does!

  17. Samuel Alba II (verified owner)

    Amazing person, Brett is so supportive and answers all your questions. He really wants the best for you. Definitely recommend Brett!

  18. Kim Reeves (verified owner)

    Did wonderful job very helpful and will book another time with him . Thank you Brett
    Kim Reeves

  19. Barbara Maxwell (verified owner)

    My session with Brett was informative and encouraging. I was only 10 days in on my carnivore journey and Brett gave me some great tips for someone just starting out. He also made me aware of what pit falls to look out for. It was reassuring to have someone with the experience and results Brett has to guide me along the way. I will definitely be following up with further sessions.

  20. Bud Trenum (verified owner)

    I first learned about Brett’s success with this WOE on a YouTube video interview with Kelly Hogan on MyZeroCarbLife. I knew immediately that he was the guy for me to connect with as I begin this WOE to enable me to improve my quality of life. His upbeat attitude and down to earth manner is exactly what I needed to make the final decision to move forward with the Carnivore lifestyle.
    Brett is very easy to talk to and extremely empathetic. I look forward to many more highly informative, friendly, and encouraging sessions with him in the future.

  21. Ethan (verified owner)

    My session with Brett was great. He was very understanding of my issues and gave great advice to improve my experience with the carnivore diet. I felt reassured that the carnivore diet will help me and gave me confidence in the diet that it was what I definitely needed.

  22. Max Gillies (verified owner)

    I can only give the highest of praise to Brett after our chat. He gave me some very useful insight about how to navigate social situations on a carnivore diet, as well as helping me to understand how my tolerance for plant foods may diminish as I continue to forgo them. This was really helpful as it provided an explanation for a huge backlash of OCD symptoms (that had largely been been put into remission prior to it).

  23. Rebekah (verified owner)

    Brett is incredible! He’s been in the trenches – he GETS it. I felt comfortable with him immediately, and his honesty made it so easy for me to share my own mental health struggles. He gave me a concrete plan of action along with his own hard-earned wisdom. We have a plan to follow-up in two weeks; his support feels palpable. I highly, highly recommend speaking to him!

  24. Maria Z (verified owner)

    Brett is warm, empathic, encouraging and not afraid to say what must be said in a supportive manner. He is very knowledgeable about the carnivore woe and offers good suggestions and solid advice based on experience.
    I am very pleased I chose Brett.

  25. Angie Croce (verified owner)

    Loved my meeting with Brett today! I’ve followed his story for quite some time and talking to him proved he’s just as friendly in person as online. He gave me great tips and broke down the 4 rules of the carnivore lifestyle. And they aren’t hard! We just have to commit! I look forward to speaking with him in 30 days for a progress report!

  26. Howard McLaughlin (verified owner)

    I had a great discussion. We talked about some things I already knew but also a lot of information I didn’t know. He helped me come up with a working plan and helped me get a vision for the future. I would recommend him to anyone trying to further their carnivore journey.

  27. Craig Papayanis (verified owner)

    Outstanding. Thanks Brett. Helped sort out my confusion caused by so much conflicting information on the internet. All made perfect sense. Excited about going back to the simplicity of it. Appreciate you very friendly caring manner

  28. Phillip allen Zuckerman (verified owner)

    Brett was very helpful in answering my questions and giving great advice. I hope to continue to connect with him on my journey.

  29. Sanjay (verified owner)

    Brett is a wonderful coach. What i liked the best was his simplistic and natural approach to Carnivore diet. He answered all my questions, with conviction. I look forward to further sessions with him, Thanks

  30. Dwight Barre (verified owner)

    Brett so vividly articulates and models how powerful the carnivore diet has been in his life. I can just feel the integrity and passion of his sharing. That along with the simplicity and of his council makes me want what he has.

  31. Lauren Hollis (verified owner)

    I had my first meeting with Brett and I can’t say enough great things about him! He really helped me get on track and had a way of explaining things that really clicked for me. I highly recommend him as a coach! Thank you Brett

  32. Carmela di Rienzo (verified owner)

    I say Brett at an Interview with Kelly Hogan and was fascinated about his story. I choose to sign up MeatRx and booked my first session with Brett. He was very understanding, supportive and gave me hope that I will achieve my goals, that I have been dreaming of all my life. With his support I truly believe it is possible.
    Cu you soon, Brett.

  33. Flip W

    I highly recommend a one-on-one session with Brett.
    He provides clarity and wisdom around the carnivore journey.
    What an awesome bloke.
    Thank you so much all the way from Oz 🙂

  34. Court Nielsen (verified owner)

    I just had a very inspiring first session with Brett, after trying Carnivore on my own for a few months with a lot of failures and no direct support. Brett completely understood my situation, and was very insightful, even bringing up some problems that I was hesitant to mention. He laid out a plan for the next couple weeks, and provided inspiring methods to stay on track and motivated. I will definitely book again for follow-ups.

  35. Lee Fleming (verified owner)

    I’ve followed Brett on social media for a long time, and I’ve always been intrigued and inspired by his zest for life and helping others. My first session did not disappoint. Brett could not be more knowledgeable about the carnivore way of life, and I was happy to pick his brain and hear his basic rules for success. Most importantly, it was clear immediately that Brett believes in me and my chance for success, and cares passionately about that. Today is day 1 and I look forward to reconnecting in a few weeks.

  36. Chris Hinckley (verified owner)

    As a newer member to the meat RX community I’ve followed Bretts testimony. His simple approach combined with his passion for helping people led me to book a session with Brett. As a result of my first session, I am now 14 days into eating only meat and drinking water. It’s been a struggle but well worth it. I feel much better already. Follow Brett’s 4 simple rules and you will see results and more importantly you will feel better emotionally and physically. I am excited to book another session and continue down this path of health for a long time.

  37. Carlos (verified owner)

    My first session with Brett, which was yesterday 10/17/2020, went great; I obtained the guidance I need to start my journey with the best chance to succeed. Brett was easy to talk to and is genuinely interested in my success. He listened to my questions and feedback patiently and provided great insight. I look forward to speaking to Brett again.

  38. Jim Kirsch (verified owner)

    Not so great. He’s a nice guy but, in my case, not a good listener. I questioned Brett for clarification and he did not seem to appreciate it nor even seem to take the time to comprehend the questions. He seemed to assume the communication problem was all mine. Rather full of himself in my opinion. Basically told me I could wander off and find another coach and that I was the first person he had to tell this to. Still, he deserves credit where credit is due. I’ve enjoyed, appreciated, and learned quite a bit from his instagram and interviews and I find he does have a lot to offer. Obviously my opinion and experience with Brett is a one-off which I’m sure the reader will keep in mind.

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