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Brett L

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I’m Brett & have been Carnivore for over 885 days now. I lost 40+ years of mental illness  symptoms following the Carnivore way of eating. I have personal experience with severe depression, anxiety, insomnia, eczema & hemorrhoids  Every aspect of my life has been immensely improved living this way & I want the same for YOU!

As a former mental health professional eating meat & drinking water for almost 2 years now I am experienced in helping people suffering from Depression & Anxiety & other mood related issues using the Carnivore way of eating to help folks rid themselves of inflammation & end their toxin consumption!

Let’s get you symptom-free ASAP! Give me a call & we can get started!

Hi, I’m Brett! I am a thankful Carnivore for over 29 months, life-long musician & former mental health professional. I eliminated 40+ years of depression & anxiety symptoms following the Carnivore way of eating & I want to help YOU do the same! Are you sick & tired of being sick & tired? Let me help you remove inflammation from your life so you can heal & be happy!

2 reviews for Brett L

  1. Nanci Smith (verified owner)

    Loved this quick call with Brett affordable too. I really appreciate how that he was willing to give me nuggets of ways I can be successful in heading toward my goals in a concise manner I totally recommend him as a coach will be using this system again. Day 8 of total faithful Carnivore.

  2. Emily (verified owner)

    I really thank Brett for his time. Due to a system issue, he hadn’t been expecting the call, but he was very gracious about it and took the time to talk with me regardless. Brett helped calm me down and gave me some useful steps for moving forward short term and long term. Thank you!

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