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My name is Andy Storey and I have been a carnivore since 2018.  What led me to this point in life?  In 2015 I hit a health and career rock bottom and was overcome with stress and anxiety.  One of the contributors was poor dietary health, even though I thought I was healthy.  I ate a green smoothie packed with spinach, kale and chard every day!  Turns out that’s not such a good idea.  I also found out I had a parasite infection in my stomach, thyroid issues, cortisol problems, bacterial overgrowth and allergic to gluten to top it off.  No wonder I couldn’t sleep well and unable to function like a normal human.  Thank God I began working with a functional medicine doctor and got rid of the parasites, added a paleo diet to the mix and was slowly healed.  Since then I’ve progressed from a paleo diet to keto to now carnivore and my health continues to progress.   If you are looking for an enthusiastic and motivating coach I’m your guy.  Together we can take dietary health to the next level!

3 reviews for Andy S

  1. Jonathan Doroski (verified owner)

    Andy had great insight and the post call follow up was better than I imagined. Thank you much.

  2. Diego Andres Sanchez (verified owner)

    Andy was a really positive and helpful person to talk to as I begin my carnivore journey. Having struggled with similar health issues, it was really great to talk to someone who had found success through the carnivore diet and hear his testimony. Andy is a very encouraging person and you can easily tell that he genuinely enjoys helping people. Highly recommend talking to Andy if you are curious about the carnivore diet, but unsure of where or how to start. Plus, his blog site Wild Lumens is a GREAT resource for total newbies like myself. Aloha!

  3. Manning Mitchell (verified owner)

    A wonderful person. Enthusiastic and positive about the diet and helping me get my health back on track. Andy gave me some handy ideas to work on in my current state of health and lifestyle. He had an answer for every question I had or at least pointed me in the right direction

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