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Hello! My name is Amy and I have been eating a zero carb carnivore diet since October 2018. Carnivore has healed my body of fibromyalgia, asthma and IBS.

I would love to help you regain your health on the carnivore diet, too! I’ve been coaching women since 2002 on how to develop healthier relationships with food, nurture themselves, and live better lives so I bring a lot of experience with me to the carnivore realm. Here’s how I can specifically help you:

  • Provide inspiration and motivation and help you set goals
  • Share experience, knowledge and resources about the science behind all that we do
  • Help you execute by providing a detailed, personalized and comprehensive plan for staying on track
  • Enable you to experience long-term success

More about me:

I was the winner of the Carnivore75Hard challenge!

I identify as a food addict in recovery as I have not eaten food addictively since early 2002. I’ve also lost and maintained ~140 lb. in that timeframe. Although I was able to have some peace with my food addiction for many years, my health was deteriorating every year. I tried many things before the carnivore diet: vegetarianism, veganism, the Paleo diet, and Keto to name a few. It wasn’t until I transitioned to eating only animal products that my body began to regain health. You can read my carnivore story here: Amy’s Carnivore Success Story

My overall immune system has drastically improved – I used to be the one who caught every illness that went around. I have a history of getting bronchitis, pneumonia and ear infections every year without fail. Since switching to a carnivore diet I have had one (minor) cold. That’s it!

My body was starting to get covered with cherry angiomas and today they are all but gone. They just disappeared.

The biggest and most surprising gift of this beautiful way of eating, though, has been that I’ve regained my natural satiety cues. When I got into recovery for my food addiction, I was taught I needed to weigh and measure my foods because I broke my satiety meter with years of abusive eating. Carnivore has shown me that my satiety meter wasn’t broken at all – it was just hidden underneath too many unsatisfying and non-nourishing plant foods!

If you’re unsure about starting a zero carb carnivore diet, I’d be happy to talk with you through your ambivalence as well – no pressure! If you’re not living the best life you know you should be – whether it’s because of poor health, excess weight, a food addiction or something else – trying the carnivore diet might be the best gift you ever give yourself. It certainly was for me.


5 reviews for Amy L

  1. melissa mccabe (verified owner)

    Amy was very patient listened well and followed up on topic discussed I felt very comfortable with her she shared some of her experiences which is always useful

  2. Lori (verified owner)

    I had a really good session with Amy. She gave me several ideas relating to addiction and exercise that were both familiar and new. I was looking for encouragement and ideas and Amy gave me both.

  3. Katie (verified owner)

    I had a great session with Amy. After discussing my situation, my age, my goals, my past diet history, and what I was currently doing, we discovered why I was most likely gaining on carnivore and we came up with a plan for me. The session was very comfortable and I will definitely have another session with Amy in the future if I have any questions.

  4. Vanessa (verified owner)

    Amy was friendly and informative. She listened to my story and took the time to address each issue Im currently having. She even gave me a list of sources to refer back to for my own specific issues.
    I recommend her.

  5. Joanna (verified owner)

    Amy gave me good suggestions on how to approach cravings with mindset and to delay as opposed to deny to get through challenging times. I also appreciated the suggestions for taking it further with potentially adding in more organ meats due to my many autoimmune issues. I also appreciated the suggestion of a Facebook group for that too.

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