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Fibre free and fabulous! 

Hello, Salut, Shalom,

I come from what I believed was a healthy, whole food (85% plant-based) diet, along with a long list of chronic pain, gut & other illnesses that Fibromyalgia brings, not to mention a family with metabolically ill, depressed, obese or vegan members, who seem forever focused on disease management.

Since flipping to an 85-100% animal-based woe, for both my puppy and myself, I’m relieved to finally be in health creation mode.

Wanna join me?!

Book a session with MeatRx’s 1st Kosher Carnivore coach
Call me Amanda Leah  (or AL)

Bonus —> Join my co-hosts and I for online meatings:  Chronic Pain – Sundays @ 10am PST (1p EST) followed by Women’s Health @ 11am PST (2p EST) or Gut Health on Thursdays @ 10am PST (1p EST) followed by Ex-Vegans @ 11am pst (2p EST) or read along, then meat with our Breakfast Bookclub on the 1st Friday of each month @ 8am PST (11a EST)

Since I took the plunge in January 2019, and immediately started experiencing the breadth of benefits with a carnivore way of eating (woe), I’ve been enthusiastically learning and relaying insights to my family, friends, and frankly anyone that would listen to me here in Toronto.

So, are you ready to feel fab!?

Can’t wait to catch you on the flip side!




AL FiberFreeFab Vlog Intro

Watch this video to catch a virtual vibe from MeatRX coach Amanda Leah (@FiberFreeFab)



1 review for Amanda Leah J

  1. Tammy B (verified owner)

    Al was super amazing ! My first meeting with her was 2/3 /2020. I was looking for a coach that ate similar to me… kosher. When I came across her bio, I had talked to her! Our meeting was informative, encouraging and very enlightening. I look forward to many more coaching’s with her in the future. . Thank you Al for the resources and information you gave me last night.

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