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Fasting, Fibre free and fabulous! 

Hello, Salut, Shalom,

I come from what I believed was a healthy, whole food (85% plant-based) diet, along with a long list of chronic pain, gut & other illnesses that Fibromyalgia brings, not to mention a family with metabolically ill, depressed, obese or vegan members, who seem forever focused on disease management.

Since incorporating intermittent fasting and flipping to an 85-100% animal-based woe, for both my puppy and myself, I’m relieved to finally be in health creation mode.

Wanna join me?!

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Bonus —> Join my co-hosts and I for online meatings:
Fasting & Feasting – Thursdays @ 10:30am PST and every Sunday @ 10:30am PST: Women’s Monthly Health – 1st Sunday Monthly,  Plant Based Recovery – 2nd Sunday Monthly, Conquering Chronic Pain – 3rd Sunday Monthly and Gut Health – 4th Sunday Monthly 

Also —> Read & watch along with us, then meat at our Breakfast Bookclub on the 1st Friday of each month and at our Video Viewing Club on the 3rd of each month – both @ 8am PST (11a EST)


The fasting phenomenon caught me in 2018. The impact was real.  I’ve had personal experience with Fibromyalgia, Chronic Pain, Chronic Fatigue, Chronic Vomiting/Nausea & IBS, Depression/Anxiety, Dysmenorrhea (Painful Menstruation), Temperature Sensitivity/Control, Exercise Intolerance  Weight Loss, Skin Issues, TMJ (lock jaw) &  Dental issues.  Since I took the deep plunge in January 2019, and immediately started experiencing the breadth of benefits with a carnivore way of eating (woe), I’ve been enthusiastically learning and relaying insights to my family, friends, and frankly anyone that would listen to me here in Toronto.

So, are you ready to feel fab!?

Can’t wait to catch you on the flip side!




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9 reviews for Amanda Leah J

  1. Tammy B (verified owner)

    Al was super amazing ! My first meeting with her was 2/3 /2020. I was looking for a coach that ate similar to me… kosher. When I came across her bio, I had talked to her! Our meeting was informative, encouraging and very enlightening. I look forward to many more coaching’s with her in the future. . Thank you Al for the resources and information you gave me last night.

  2. Mike Fitzstephens (verified owner)

    Had my first coaching session yesterday with Amanda Leah. She was fantastic. She answered all my questions around weight loss, anxiety, coffee etc. She offered very helpful suggestions in all these areas and more. She also connected me with all the meetings and resources within MeatRX. I am scheduling another call for 2 weeks from now.

  3. Jocelyn Heelan (verified owner)

    Leah- Thank you so much for the encouragement and just listening to my journey so far. It was great to feel some support coming from someone else!
    I needed the lighthearted chat and it felt like we’d spoken many times before. Looking forward to checking in with you again at another milestone. If I don’t hear from you in a chat till then, Azizen Pesach!

  4. Phillip Morrison (verified owner)

    Amanda was great to meet with and listen to, she was very encouraging with a non-judgmental attitude. I feel that she has a personal passion to see people to succeed in their health goals. My journey is just beginning and look forward to having her join me.

  5. Paula Miller (verified owner)

    I just got off my first call with Amanda! WOW..impressive! I felt as if I could have talked to her forever…extremely down to earth. She has amazing energy and you can tell she has the passion to help others reach their goals. It’s the accountability I’ve been looking for and have needed for sometime now. We reflected on my past diet experiences, likes and dislikes, habits, future goals, etc. I look forward to meeting with her again and again!

  6. Carmen (verified owner)

    Amanda was fantastic! I needed her to confirm this new WOE. That I can do it, stick to it, and eliminate all the naysayers and if something is working – stick to it! It was so refreshing to hear from someone passionate and confident about this WOE. Thank you again, Amanda. Your time was invaluable and I appreciate your support and guidance exactly in the areas I needed it! No fluff. Straight facts and knowledge to help me reach MY goals. Wow! You are a breath of fresh air.

  7. Brigitte (verified owner)

    Amanda is such a wonderful soul. I felt so heard and seen by her. I’ve struggled with so many health issues and It was so refreshing talking to her. She addressed all my questions and concerns. I am so grateful for her advise and I am looking forward to working with her through my carnivore journey.

  8. Karali Pia Pitzele (verified owner)

    Amanda is wonderfully knowledgable and helpful. I just started Carnivore Diet and wanted a reality check and some guidance, and she was super helpful! We really clicked.

  9. Heather Nowak (verified owner)

    Amanda is thorough, personable, a great communicator, and clearly passionate about improving and optimizing the health of others. Apart from identifying some new goals to focus on, I left our appointment feeling encouraged and hopeful about hitting new milestones in my health journey. Thank you Amanda, you are a wonderful inspiration!

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