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Hi! My name is Aaron Oliveira and I’ve been on the carnivore diet for almost 3 years (inspired by Dr. Shawn Baker on the JRE podcast). I started doing it just to improve my athleticism, only to find out it had done far more than that. Before carnivore, I’ve had an extensive history of dieting doing Paleo, Keto, plant-based, etc. I’ve obsessively learned about true health and nutrition independently for well over 4 years.

I’ve had extreme depression and anxiety for as long as I can remember. After having tried everything, this diet was definitely the one thing I can say saved my life, helped turn it around and completely changed me! My depression went away and my anxiety became a lot easier to manage (still improving today). Other benefits I didn’t expect were better sleep, cognitive function, increased strength/recovery, and far better mood than I’ve ever experienced before.

As a passionate carnivore coach I’m here to help others see the success in their experience through this diet and benefit from it as I have. Goals will be set both short and long-term as well as plans to reach them in the best way possible that works for you. Not only for success on this diet but also on living a healthy lifestyle best suitable for you. Certain life hacks and cooking tips will be included as well. I also offer consultations in Portuguese (também falo português fluente).

1 review for Aaron O

  1. Dave

    This man is an absolute diamond! His kindness paired with intelligence will surely aid the achievement of your goals.

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