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Country of Origin: Allentown, PA USA

Time Zone: Eastern Standard Time

Spoken Language: English


I’ve had personal experience with: Alcoholism, Drug Addiction, Food Addiction, Emotional Instability, Mental Instability, Brain Fog, Gut health & Digestion, Pre-diabetes, Hair & Skin issues, Weightloss, Poor Social Calibration & Relationship navigation, Men’s Sexual Health.


My name is Aaron Houtsch, born in 1982 (38 yo). My height is 6’2″ and weight is about 195 lbs. (245lbs at my heaviest).

I have been a carnivore since Feb 2017, about 4 years now. For the first year, I was keto/carnivore before removing all plants in late 2017. I have had many moments of falling off and going back on the wagon. I have been strict for the last 2.5 years.

The issues I was experiencing prior to this intervention were mostly tied to being overweight and inflamed. I did not come into this lifestyle with major health issues. The weight came off quickly (took me 7 months to get totally ripped) and the rest of the time since has been about pursuing improvements in body composition, general physicality, and mental/emotional/social health.

The carnivore diet has helped me heal and put most issues into remission. My health & performance are not perfect but I generally enjoy regular up-time to the point that even the slightest disruption is extremely uncommon. This lifestyle put my physiology on a high-functioning auto-pilot.

Before I started this way of eating and got ideal results, it was generally painful to do literally anything. I nursed all of this discomfort with a variety of substances, unhealthy & distracting behavioral pursuits, and of course, junk food. I cannot easily describe how badly I felt in the roughly 6 years before I made these changes.

After achieving ideal results, the opposite became my new reality. Since then, it has been a pain to be sedentary and/or inactive. I weight train almost daily and regularly pursue my favorite “play time” hobby: mountain biking. My performance in each of these areas is excellent with very little time to recover.

I own a business as a custom tailor, work a full time job during the pandemic, and manage a demanding amount of detail in all of these areas of my life. As a downstream benefit of this way of eating, I have ample mental clarity & emotional stability to retain focus for success. I really can’t afford days off from sickness or any other unexpected health event. Thankfully, I have not had to take any since I committed to this lifestyle.

I believe these results are quite typical for any person who commits to this way of eating and I am very passionate about helping others achieve them.



3 reviews for Aaron H

  1. Jeff N. (verified owner)

    Aaron is a Carnivore Beast and he is very invested into making you one too! With his knowledge of the transition to Carnivore, how to best succeed in staying compliant, and creating the optimal Carnivore lifestyle, your success is guaranteed if you work with Aaron.

  2. Patrick Terry (verified owner)

    Aaron is great….very helpful and intuitive….I like his style…..I highly recommend him for anyone, whether you are new to Carnivore or have been at it for a while.

  3. Sammy Micco (verified owner)

    Very knowledgeable, listened well came up with a plan for me that would work for myself.

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