Philly Cheesesteak

Makes 2 sandwiches

4 pieces of your favorite carnivore bread (this goes well with chicken buns)

12-16 ounces boneless ribeye or flank

2-4 pieces of provolone

2 tsp onion flakes or powder


Black Pepper

1 tsp butter

Freeze your steak 20 minutes. 

Remove from freezer and slice as thin as you can.

Season your meat with onion, salt and black pepper.

Make your steak into 2 piles.

Heat your cast iron to medium-high heat.

Once your pan is hot, grease with butter.

Take your 2 piles of meat and sear them in the hot buttered pan.

Do not stir them in the pan, you want them to keep the shape they are in.

After they have a nice sear on one side, take a spatula and carefully flip them over.

Top meat piles with a slice of cheese on each stack. Cover with a lid or a piece of foil over the pan and let the cheese melt.

Once the cheese is melted, take your pile of meat and stack it in between your carnivore bread.

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