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3 thoughts on “MeatRx Database of 8000+ Research Articles

  1. I was told that i dispense more uric acid and my kidney pain will get worse if i eat red meat. Please advise

    1. When on a carnivore diet the body changes. Yes, red meat does produce uric acid if you are eating the ‘SAD’ diet. However, when you begin consuming only meat the whole body changes. I suggest you try it and if it doesn’t work or your pain increases, just stop. I saw benefits after just 2 days. More energy, vitality and eventually after 6 mos I quit my medication and now save a bundle of cash from that…I do think everyone is different and just like being vegetarian works for some, it doesn’t work for me.

  2. Is there any research around Herpes and the effects of a carnivore or ketogenic diet affecting it?


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