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Matthew treated his cancer and chemotherapy side effects on a carnivore diet

I shared my testimony with you a while ago but I have an even better testimony from my hubby. Back in November he was diagnosed with testicular cancer. If you don’t know much about this it’s a very curable cancer but the chemo drugs and regimen is one of the worst there is. 

He wasn’t on the carnivore diet prior so the day he was diagnosed I forced him into it. He was to start chemo after thanksgiving. 4 rounds of 3week intervals so 12 weeks in total. Week one he went Monday-Friday for 4 hours each day. 

The second and third week was only once each week. The first week in I asked the nurse when he would start feeling crappy. She said next week, then he would feel “normal” for a few days before it started over again. Well, It never happened. He honestly thought he was just taking the chemo well and decided he was going to eat “normally” at our family’s Christmas on a Saturday. 

That next Monday after chemo he got to feel what everybody else feels like during chemotherapy. He even threw up. Throughout that week even though he was back on the diet he also developed mouth sores associated with the chemotherapy. After being back on the diet for the remainder of the chemo he never experienced any of the other side effects.

 No nausea and he didn’t even take all of his nausea meds. His oncologist said and I quote “in my 35 years of oncology, I’ve never seen anyone handle chemotherapy physical as well as you, you’re the best I’ve ever seen.” He’s now in remission.

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