Marcelo improved gut health, OCD, mental health, and skin on carnivore diet

Before becoming a carnivore, Marcelo was a vegan, a raw vegan and also tried Keto for a time until realizing that these ways of eating gave him problems such as gut health issues, diarrhea, bloating, acne, OCD, lack of mental clarity, mental health, skin issues and headaches. He determined that for him, certain foods like plants, nuts and Keto sweets were likely the cause of these issues.

After learning more about nutrition, he became a carnivore and decided that it provided solutions to his dietary problems. Ground-beef patties, bacon, other cuts of pork and cream fit well into his eating regimen as they help to keep him satisfied between meals. His strength has improved greatly, especially when training.

Marcelo says some people feel the carnivore lifestyle is boring but his experience is quite the opposite. He’s quite happy achieving satiety by eating burgers and only eating when hungry. He really wants to help others and hopes that they will watch his video and become inspired to let him help them.

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