Leo improved mood disorder, multiple sclerosis, digestion on carnivore diet

My name is Leo,

I am a 35 years old medical student from Italy.

Since 2012 I have multiple sclerosis, and for the last ten years I have had severe intestinal issues.

I suffered from irritable bowel syndrome and diverticulosis, with recurrent diverticulitis, which led to the resection of my sigma in 2017. After that, I solved the diverticulitis problem, but the IBS, bloating and general GI discomfort still were there.

In regard to the MS, in 2015 I started a therapy with high doses of vitamin D (110.000 IU a day), called Coimbra protocol. It helped a lot, I got the MS in a permanent remission and had no relapse since. Unfortunately, the chronic symptoms didn’t go away. I still had really poor memory and it became almost impossible for me to study, I had mental fog, I suffered from insomnia, and chronic fatigue often obliged me to stay in bed. On top of all that, I had anxiety problems, mood issues, and was mildly obese.

One year ago I started a ketogenic diet, which helped me a lot. My GI problems and the MS symptoms both improved. At the beginning of June of this year I started the carnivore diet and the results are incredible.

I have no more mood disorders, my anxiety is totally gone, no more mental fog and my memory is back. I am able to study again!

My sleep disorders are gone, now I wake up with no alarm between 6.30 and 7 am, and when I wake up I feel rested. Before I used to wake up at about 9 am, and always felt like I slept only a couple hours.

I have much more energy, my GI problems are totally gone, in the last year I lost 35 kg and now my weight is normal again. Now I exercise almost every day without feeling tired, and gained a pretty amount of muscle mass.

The last 10 years have been a real struggle for me, and this way of eating literally gave me my life quality back.

I am now taking “only” 60.000 IU vitamin D, and was able to cut almost all supplements I was taking.

I would say that if my well being was at 100% before the MS, and at 0% two years later, before I started the vitamin D therapy; after I started the vitamin D therapy it went up to 30-40%. With the ketogenic diet it went up to 70-80%, and now, with carnivore diet, it is at 130-140%. I feel much better now than before I got the MS and the GI problems. I feel like I am 15 again.

In the last five years I learned a lot about vitamin D, and in the last year I learned a lot about food and GI problems. I came to the conclusion that probably the root of most part of human diseases is a combination of two factors:

1-lack of vitamin D, which causes immune disorders and is involves in sleep dis regulation with many bad consequences for our health (Dr. Stasha Gominak has fascinating theories about this), neurological problems (dementia, Parkinson, depression and more), an increased cancer risk, CV diseases, metabolic disorders, all the rheumatic diseases and who knows what else. Vitamin D is a fundamental hormone, and the lack of it has disastrous consequences

2-Inflammation and increased intestinal permeability. The two main causes of inflammation are smoking and food. An inflamed gut triggers the dis regulated immune system and this leads to all kind of disorders, the most evident being autoimmune conditions (this is the  oversimplified key point).

Carnivore diet healed me, and I am eternally thankful to Dr. Baker (I learned about the diet from the Joe Rogan podcast). If I can be helpful in any way, I am at complete disposal.

Best regards,


Watch or listen to Leo’s interview on the MeatRx.com podcast below:

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