Jeff got jacked and tan on a fasting carnivore lifestyle

I am 59 years old.

March 28, 2019

As a kid I looked at bodybuilders of the day as heroes
I always wanted to be like that
I was into sports and worked out
I then got in the fitness industry and between 1981 to 2001 – i owned, operated, managed health clubs, fitness centers… i trained people, i gave seminars on fitness, exercise and nutrition… i was involved in the manufacturing, distribution, marketing and sales of Nutritional supplements, and educated people on what and how to use supplementation
I was taught, believed, and practiced the protocol of eating 6-7x per day (every 2.5 to 3 hours to maintain an anabolic state and a positive nitrogen balance, and to avoid going catabolic)… consisting of 50%+ Carbs, 50% Protein (as lean and fat free as possible) and as low of Fats as possible… i believed in 1.0 to 1.5 g of Protein per Pound of Body-weight per day, and a minimum of 1.0 g of Carbs per Pound of Body-weight per day…

Everything that I knew, practiced and taught others was WRONG…

I did not know that I didn’t know…

I worked out hard, I ate correctly, I was dedicated, motivated, and disciplined…
BUT I wasn’t ever getting the RESULTS that I wanted, no matter how hard I tried

I ate less
I exercised more
Nothing worked

I was big, I was strong, BUT, I didn’t look like I wanted to look…

Then in May 2017… i saw a photo of one of my best friend’s – Sam, who I had not seen for 3-4 years… i was shocked, astounded, awestruck, speechless… i knew Sam for over 30 years… in that photo… he looked like a Greek God… i had to know WTF … i contacted him immediately…

It took him from the beginning of May 2017 to the 3rd week of June 2017 to convince me to try what he was telling me to do…

It was contradictory and opposite to everything that I knew and had been told, and taught me entire life…

I finally surrendered… only because I knew Sam… and I saw what ge had done… he obviously knew something that i didn’t know…

I started my first day on June 26, 2017… the day I took my first “Before” photo…

Within 2 weeks I felt, and saw changes that I had not experienced before with any diet i had ever tried… i kept at it, and continued to research and investigate everything and to educate myself more…

I have never stopped or looked back…

My Journey continues… i adjust, tweak, modify as I go… on my personal Journey to see how far I can take this… in all aspects of my life…

Life doesn’t have to end at 50…

If done right… 50 is just the beginning of an incredible future…

Please join me on the Journey of your own… i am here to help educate you, inform you, help you, inspire and motivate you… your success is my personal reward !!

March 29, 2019

from March 29

when I started off, I was only doing the Intermittent Fasting, as Sam had convinced me to do, I was not including the ketogenic/ low carb diet at this point

I was doing a 16/8 IF Schedule – 16 Hours Fasting Period and an 8-Hour Feeding Period

and, within the first 2 weeks, I felt, and, saw changes that I had not experienced before on other “diets” that I had tried – within the first 2 weeks, I knew that something was “happening” !!

I did NOT change my foods (eating, my diet) – I just continued to eat the same things that I had been eating (including carbs), but, now, I was eating everything during the 8-hour Feeding Period – I was doing 4 meals a day (eating a meal every 2.5 hours +/-)

then, Sam asked me how I felt, and, how I was doing – and, when I told him that I felt and was doing great – he had me switch the IF schedule from 16/8 to an 18/6 schedule… within 3-4 days, the immediate problem that I was experiencing was trying to eat all 4 of my meals within the 6 hour Feeding window – it was almost impossible – too much food – so, I adjusted and changed to 3 meals – one meal every 2 hours

so, I was still doing high carbs, high protein, low fat – because at this point, I did not have all of the information, and, I did not know any better

the low carb discussion didn’t enter the picture until about month 2 – and, then, from month 2 through about month 4-5, my carb intake went from over 200+g per day, down to 150g per day, to 100g per day, to 50g per day, eventually down to about 35g per day, a level that I then stayed at for several months, as I continued to educate myself on everything, and, to tweak and adjust other facets of my foods/ diet – and, although I had adjusted the Carbs down to a low carb intake – I was still doing the balance of my foods as high protein, and, moderate fats (which I still believed to be necessary – keeping my protein high for muscle building and maintenance, and, low fats, so that I didn’t get fat)

over time – during the first 6 months (end of June when I started) – I went from the initial 16/8, then to 18/6, then to 19/5, and, eventually, by October 2017, I was on an IF 20/4 schedule – and, as noted, I adjusted my Carbs from over 200g/day, down to 35g/day… but, I was still doing 3 meals/ day during the 4-hour Feeding Period – and, I stayed on this Schedule from Oct 2017, up through May-June 2018 –  – during which time I brought my Carbs down to 20 g per day – and, this schedule lasted from about June, 2018 up through Oct 2018 – at which time I kept the same foods, during 3 meals, but, adjusted the IF Schedule again from 20/4 to 22/2 (eating the 3 meals one every hour) and, I then stayed on this schedule (22/2), with minor adjustments along the way in the foods – but, still, high proteins, moderate fats, and low carbs – from October 2018, up through February, 2019 – one of the adjustments that I made during this period is to change from 3 large/ regular sized meals to 2 regular meals (the first meal of the day, and, the last meal of the day, with just a snack (like peanut butter, sugar free jello, almonds, or pork rinds, string cheese, or similar) in between the 2 meals

somehow, not by any thought or planning, one day, during February, I couldn’t eat the 2nd meal, I was just full, and, not hungry – so, I had just eaten the first regular meal, and, the snack, and that was it… then, this feeling, of not wanting, or needing the last meal, continued – and, all of a sudden, not by choice, or planning, my IF Schedule went from 22/2 to 23/1 and, I was eating everything within 1 hour everyday – which is what I continue to do up to now

in March 2019, during additional, extensive research – I made a decision to adjust my Macros to a true ketogenic formula plan – 75% Fats, 20% Protein, and, under 5% Carbs (I was actually under 2% Carbs by this point) – within 2 weeks I was seeing, and, feeling immediate differences and great results – I truly believe that having too much protein (which I thought was absolutely necessary as an active bodybuilder for not only adding new muscle, but, to maintain the hard earned muscle that I had) – but, I was wrong – now, looking back, I truly believe thgat the Protein, the extra protein, was an obstacle, and, holding me back from further gains – especially the Whey Protein Powder supplement shake that I was doing as one of my meals every day (which turns out to be the worst form of protein to ingest because of the immediate insulin spikes it causes) – the leaner the proteins, the proteins absent sufficient fat, the quicker it is digested, and, the more insulin that is produced in conjunction with the protein consumption

so, not by planning, not by conscious choice – I somehow ended up on an IF Schedule of 23/1 – which, by operational definition, is the same as, or, very similar, and, close enough to the OMAD (“One Meal A Day) diet that people talk about – because although during my 1-hour Feeding Period I am eating multiple times (2 regular meals, and, a snack in between) – I am basically consuming all of my foods non-stop during that 1 hour period.

my current Macros are approx. Calories (2,200 to 2,400) / Proteins (0.4 to 0.5 g per pound (so 90-100g/day)) 20% of my diet) / Carbs (under 10g/day) under 2% of my diet)), and / Fats (upwards of 200g/day) over 75% of my diet)) – all consumed during my 1-hour Feeding Period – and, then, for the next 23 hours – the Fasting Period, I do not eat anything of any kind whatsoever.

I feel great, I feel healthy – I am never hungry, I have lots of energy, and lots of mental focus.

May 31, 2020
since March 29 (the date of my last writing above) – I have had various “adjustments in both my Nutritional Protocol and my Exercise Protocol
and, I always do extensive research and self-experimentation to see what works, and, ultimately what works best for me, and my goals…
on May 19, 2020 – I started the “Steak & Eggs” (Carnivore) Protocol
as of tonight – I am on Day 13 – and feel fantastic
Never Hungry, No Cravings
I only eat Beef (fatty steak cuts – like Rib-eye or Chuck Eye Steak), and Eggs, and Butter – nothing else
My Protocol since approx Feb-Mar 2019 has been OMAD – Intermittent Fasting 23/1 (actually 23.5/0.5) 
up until this May 19 – my Macros were – Fats (80-83%), Protein (17-20%), and Carbs (under 1%) – so switching to the Carnivore (Steak & Eggs) was simple and easy (My Proteins have always been “Fatty Proteins”, nothing “Lean”)
My Macros now are – Fats (70-73%), Protein (27-30%), and Carbs (0%)
My OMAD Meal consists of only the following…
Steak (1 pound)
Eggs (6 whole)
Butter (4-5 tbsp)

See my “My Meal”  and “Grocery Shopping” below

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57 thoughts on “Jeff got jacked and tan on a fasting carnivore lifestyle”

    1. Thank you so much – it feels good to get positive feedback – shows that the efforts eventually payoff and can motivate others. Best, JT

        1. FYI: there is a conversation below with “Bob” starting on June 3 that this is discussed – if you want to check that out, hopefully that answers the inquiry. Best, JT

  1. Hi Jeff,
    Wow great progress, are you a coach? I would like to talk to you about your WOE if possible.
    I think I am having the same issue with protein and would like to get your insight on it. Thanks

    1. Kent – don’t feel left out – I did respond to you, and thank you – but it looks like they didn’t post my response (no idea why ?) –

      1. Hi Jeff
        Thanks for your reply. I just checked back in and saw all of your responses but didn’t see anything more on the coaching aspect. Would you mind reposting your reply if you are able to? If you’re not coaching yet I think you should 🙂

        1. Hey Kent – thank you for the follow up – what happened was that I replied “No, I don’t (or haven’t) really done any coaching” (but said that I was open to it and considered it – and, I included my email address so that you, or anyone interested could feel free to contact me – not realizing that this site restricted anyone from self-promotion or direct communications with each other – which, I completely understand now, so not an issue) – i have never coached (per se), in regards to doing it professionally and getting paid for my time and knowledge – all that I have done basically is just helping people out at the gym when I am there – those that ask anything – nutrition or exercise based – I am glad to take time to answer and help them (as long as it doesn’t interfere with me getting thru my workout LOL) – and, the same on this site post – I am glad to answer questions as they come up and as I have time to follow -up / I have people suggest I do a YouTube channel (like Thomas DeLauer, or Dr. Eric Berg, or a program like Andrew Eenfeldt does with his hugely successful Diet Doctor site, or, of course other pioneers in this arena like Fung, Attia, Phiney, Longo, Lustig, Hyman, Feldman, Noakes, Sisson, Teicholz, Taubes, Berry, many other great inspirers (of course Dr Baker :-)) – I did design a Program based on my own experience, and self-experimentation and concluded that there are basically 3 critical, key elements to the nutritional protocol – 1. Intermittent Fasting (when you eat, and when you don’t), 2. Macro formulation (what you eat), and 3. Meal Frequency (How often you eat) – done right, and all 3 combined, to me, creates the “Perfect Storm” for nutritional success ! as always, I hope that my response addresses your inquiry and answers as best possible – and, again, thank you for writing – Best Regards, JT

  2. Jeff great content and insight. This is what I was looking for to confirm my research as well.. That is what I want to get to, OMAD same meal. Just started at 18/6 with only black coffee or water during fast. I’ll eventually kill the coffee, but increments. Love the idea of one meal of steak and eggs. So easy to follow.

    Would like to learn about your workout. Currently doing strength training 4 days per week and 1 day of HIIT (really just a mixture of exercises like sleds, tires and KB to get the heart racing and sweat pouring. I’ve got at least 50lbs to lose. Do you coach?

    1. Thank you Scott – as always – I greatly appreciate everyone’s comments and positive feedback – it helps validate all of the effort into getting to where I want to go physically. as for coaching – you can see the reply I sent to Kent above who asked about the same thing. as for “Simplicity” – you are correct – it does not get any easier (on many levels – shopping, economics, preparing, cooking, clean-up) – my refrigerator/freezer only has (3) items in it – Steak, Eggs and Butter (and literally, nothing else). FYI: I am NEVER Hungry, and NEVER have Cravings. I will try to post some photos of my refrigerator and meals for everyone soon. Thank you again. Best, JT

      1. Hope you consider becoming a coach on here or somewhere. Very similar in where I’m starting and want to achieve. You’ve run the gauntlet and you have the system down. Always up for more info! Keep up the great work! I can always be reached at scottsetter @ gmail .com

  3. Unbelievable transformation. Could you share your workout? I’m 64, used to be almost 400lbs and about 240 right now. Lost it with a combination of keto, carnivore, IM, OMAD and outright fasting. I really would like a transformation close to that and would like to know your routine to look like that.

    1. Thank you Brian – you words are greatly appreciated. I am 59 – and, as of June 26, 2020 (in about 3 weeks) will be 3 years from the day that I first started on this “Journey” (all due because of my friend Sam who I saw a FB photo of and my jaw dropped in amazement) – and, as you can see in my “Story” above – things have morphed along the way up to my current Protocol of OMAD IF ZC (23.5/0.5)(I eat everything that I consume in a 24 hour period within a 30 minute feeding period and fast (no foods of any kind whatsoever) for 23.5 hours daily))(and, my Calories are approx 2,200+/- and macros of approx 73% Fats, 27% Protein (Fatty Protein), and 0% Carbs (except for the insignificant Carbs in the Eggs) – my Foods consist only of – Steak (1 pound), Eggs (6 whole) & Butter (4-5 tbsp). Just goes to show you that everything that we were told, taught and believe about Nutrition was wrong and that “Diets NEVER Work (EVER) !!” – Red Meat, Eggs Yolks, Salt, Saturated Fats, Fiber, Fruits…. and the list goes on, and on – everything was wrong ! Thank you again my friend. Best, JT

        1. Thank you for the follow-up question Hans – hopefully the following answers your inquiry sufficiently (as best as I can summarize here) – During my life I have tried everything in regards to exercise routines (name it and I have probably experimented with it) – and, like most, I used to be under the belief that you had to lift heavy to be in great physical shape. But, as shown thru many studies, that is not true, and, furthermore, as my own experience and self-experimentation has shown – it is not true (and, lower weights avoid injuries). My “Exercise Protocol” which I have utilized consistently now for the past 2 years is basically as follows: I do only One Body Part Per Day (Mon (Back), Tues (Triceps), Wed (Chest), Thurs (Biceps/ Forearms), Fri (Shoulders/ Traps), and Saturday (Legs) – I do not do Abs and I do not do Cardio ! For each Body Part noted I do 6-8 exercises for each, and each Exercise I do 3 sets, and, for each Set I do as many reps as possible on the first Set (anywhere from 60-80 reps), and then Sets 2 and 3 I do between 20-30 reps. Each Set I focus on Form and Intensity (mind-muscle connection/ and TUT (slow, controlled movements)), and I go to MMF/ Exhaustion. As for weight amounts – it all depends on how I am feeling for the day, and for each Exercise – but, overall – I do light-weight and high reps. I probably utilize the 5-to-30 pound range for all dumbbell exercises and on any machines I don’t go heavy (just enough that feels right to be able to complete the high reps range that I do). A good comparison example of my past Protocols to my current Protocol – on the Leg Press Machine – I used to do 26 x 45 pound plates (13 plates on each side) and I would crank out 10 reps on my 5th set – But, now, the most that I do is 4 x 45 pound plates (2 on each side) – and the first set I try to do 50 reps and then at least 20 reps for Sets 2 and 3 – and, I do these before I do Squats (on squats I use 25 pounds on each side plus the Olympic bar – and can barely stand when I finish 3 sets). Note: this is my personal Protocol, which has worked for me and gotten me My results. The problem with fitness/ exercise is that if you ask 10 professional Trainers what to do – you will get 10 different answers. So, for me, I just do my own research and experimentation, and, then, design a Protocol that works for me and gets me the Results that I strive for.

          1. Thanks Jeffrey. I really appreciate you taking the time to type all that out. Very helpful. I definitely agree with the approach of experimenting personally regardless of who is recommending some approach. That should be the final judgement on whether to continue something. We all need to be responsible for our own conditions and outcomes, whatever those may be.

            Have you ever had someone spout out that you must be taking steroids?

            I ask because I posted your amazing results on my Facebook today and someone in my network wrote “Jeff got jacked on roids…”.

            I guess I can see how someone could ask that since you’re incredibly cut for your age. I’m in my mid 50s and I feel like someone snuck in while I was sleeping and installed a slow leak in my muscular system….

            It’s like I can’t “pump” enough, although I also don’t put as much time in on it as used to as a lad, either. So that’s probably somewhat of a factor.

        2. Hans – your last message did not allow me to “Reply” – not sure why but there was no visible Reply link below the message – but, in any case, I can answer it here – I have nothing to hide – when I was younger I did experiment with various products (gear) but I never got the results that I wanted nor expected – and, looking back now – it was obviously because I had no idea about the overall incredible impact that nutrition has on everything. But, everyone has “definition” (the “Jacked” look once you get the body fat % down low enough – even small guys look good when they lean out – and larger muscled guys even more so. In the past 2 years, being that I am 59 years old and getting older LOL – I have, under medical supervision, done TRT (Testosterone Replacement Therapy) at times – but, not in the last 9+ months as I get my bloodwork done regularly and my Testosterone Levels (off of TRT) was over 1,100 – which I attribute to the IF (Intermittent Fasting) and LCHF/ Keto (and now ZC/Carnivore) – which has been shown through multiple studies to increase both Testosterone and Growth Hormone (up to 2,000%) – so, I haven’t felt the need for the extra push int hat dept (although like I said – I am still getting older, and, who knows, I may be needing the TRT again in the future) – I hope that helps answer the question my friend. Best, JT

          1. Thanks JT! Great answer.
            I passed it along to my friend and he found it very interesting. Thanks for the information!
            Personally, I ‘ve been Carnivore for 4 months as of yesterday. I’m loving it for the most part but am still experimenting with the right macro ratios. I have to add a lot of salt and other minerals to my diet or I get some aching. I figure that’s probably making up for the dead water we have nowadays.
            But overall I’m super sharp mentally and I keep getting leaner slowly but surely. I used to hover around 180-185 and now I’m stably at 175 and as of a couple days ago I’m at 172.
            Today I tried eating as much meat and eggs as I could in about half hour the way you do. Let’s see if I can make it 23.5 hours IF’ing before giving in. 🙂

          2. PS: I think the Reply feature here only allows for a certain number of indentations (each reply is another indent) before it stops allowing more. But you can just pick the “parent” reply one up from the one which doesn’t have a Reply link, if that makes sense.

          3. Thank you again Hans – first and foremost – it has nothing to do with “hoping to make it” – being hungry or not hungry, having cravings or no cravings is not a conscious decision and has nothing to do with discipline, willpower or self-control (that is why “Diets” don’t work (NEVER) – it is only about Hormones and Hormone regulation and control – when the Hormones are in correct balance – it is impossible for you to feel hunger or cravings (in the beginning it is a mental game – peoples habits vs actual chemistry) – as for the “Macro Ratios’ – mine are basically in the range of 70-75% Fats, 25-30% Protein, and 0% (insignificant) Carbs (just the Carbs found in eggs)) – to me, what I call (my) “the Program” is dependent upon (3) Key (Critical) Elements that are each effective separately, but, when combined are a powerful “Perfect Storm” – 1. What You Eat (the foods, amounts, and Macros), 2. When You Eat (the Fasting periods), and 3. How Often You Eat (Meal Frequency – plays a huge role in everything – in layman terms “Every time that you eat you generate insulin production – every time you increase insulin you store fat – so, every time you eat, you store fat.” (the more times you eat, the more fat you store)) – I suggest (beginners) do a minimum IF 16/8 and 2-3 meals (No Snacks ever), then move to 18/6 with just 2 meals, and, eventually, if possible, or desired to move to a 23/1 with just one meal (OMAD) – in most cases – people won’t have to choose to increase the IF period nor decrease the meals – it will just happen naturally as the body adapts. As for the “Vitamins & Minerals” issues – I personally do not take (nor believe in taking “Supplements” – I used to be a big proponent of Supplementation (in fact I had a regiment where I was doing 8 Supplements daily in combination with my 6 meals, and heavy workouts) – but have come to look back on all of the Supplements that I bought as a complete waste of money) – and, the Vitamins and Minerals the body needs are almost entirely provided by the Beef and Eggs. I have several diagrams (that I can try to get posted soon) that shows all of the Nutrition Facts of Beef (Steak) and the Vitamins & Minerals in both Beef (Steak) and Eggs. Furthermore, the “Benefits of Beef” are incredible (vs other types of meats – pork, chicken, lamb, fish, etc). and these Benefits can be found at “Beef Central” under the article entitled “11-health-benefits-of-eating-beef.” The other concerns that people have is Vitamin C (which is addressed by many experts in this Carnivore field (Dr. Baker being one of them), and including Dr. Kevin Stock – who has said – (people on a Carb based diet – where their body fuel comes from glucose – need more Vitamin C because the molecules of glucose and Vitamin C are similar and compete with each other for uptake and the glucose is favored and wins out – so more Vitamin C is required – when on a Low Carb diet and using Ketones for fuel – there is a diminished need for Vitamin C – and in studies done (as outlined in the article) – prolonged consumption of meat only diets – NEVER resulted in scurvy). And, the big “Fiber” issue – (For decades, Fiber has been touted as an essential component of a healthy diet. The supposed benefits of a high-fiber diet have been drilled into us through recommendations by our doctors, government, and the food industry alike, yet many of these health claims have not been proven by research. In fact, many studies have demonstrated that excess intake of fiber may actually be harmful, particularly for gut health.). as for my height (6’0″) and weight (210 pounds) – I have maintained a consistent weight (never varying more than 5 pounds (between 205 and 210) for well over a year. FYI: I train in a “Fasted State” – I workout in the mornings after getting up – and my one meal is at 4-5 pm daily. I hope this response and information answers your questions and helps Hans – thank you again my friend. Best, JT

  4. Your article has inspired me. I am 83 years of age. Have high blood pressure and Myestenia which is an auto immune illness. For several years I have tried Keto and carnivore including raw meat ( Vonderplanetz diet). with varying degrees of success. I am now starting the OMAD steak, eggs, butter system. I feel no hunger but sometimes have the urge to eat during the day out of boredom. With your permission I will keep you informed on how I progress over time.
    I had good health until I passed 82 years. Tehn I discovered the above mentioned 2 illnesses.
    My great grandfather was a dairy farmer in Poland before coming to america in his old age to live with his children, my grandfather. . He lived to 104, never ate bread or any plant foods. Lived on Meat, Chicken, Chicken fat, and raw milk.

    1. Wow Edward – 83 and going strong – I love it – how inspiring !!! Yes, of course my friend – please keep me updated on your progress. and feel free to ask me any questions as I am glad to always share and help. By no means do I pretend to understand the illnesses, nor would I ever venture to give any advice in regards to what is appropriate in regards to such. But, in any case, I truly believe that Nutrition, and proper Nutrition (not the protocols that we were taught, told and believed growing up (i.e. the Standard American Diet and Food Guide Pyramid crap)) is the most important aspect for all health – “Let food be thy medicine, and let medicine be thy food.” Hippocrates. Best, JT

    1. Thank you Bob – depending on the type of measurement – calipers, water volume, DEXA-scan, etc… varies wildly – and I don’t trust many of them – I have seen people who got a DEXA that says they were 6% and they were clearly above 10% and I have seen people who say they got measured and were said to be 15% and they were clearly below 10% – so it is a crap shoot – the guys on stage (Classic Physique) will be at 4-5% for competition and be dry from Water Loading the week prior – but, I would say that on any given day (when the gyms are open LOL) I am probably between 10-12% – but, that is just my guesstimate from knowing myself and others who get tested regularly.

      1. Thanks Jeff! I’d guestimate you at 7%. The reason I ask is your vascularity is amazing even for a cut guy. Do you attribute that to genetics or is there some special super secret, you’d have to kill me if you told me, trick to it?

        1. Thank you Bob – again – guesstimates are just that – guesses – and, I appreciate your “guess” of being at 7% (I wish LOL). as for my “Vascularity” – unfortunately there is no “super secret” to share (if there was, I would) – I just got lucky in this regard I guess – my friend Sam (who is the friend in my original “Story” who got me on this Journey) is a competitor (and has won 18 trophies) – and wants the same “secret” from me as he is jealous LOL – I have not done, and do not do anything “special” for this – it just happened – many people have compared my forearms to Stallone’s (and I do not work out my Forearms except one day a week (2 exercises) on my Bicept day) – I get compliments a lot on my vascularity in my forearms, biceps and calves – and I do nothing extra or special to achieve it. I was getting good striations on my Chest before the Pandemic shutdown – so have smoothed out some from lack of resistance weight training – but, hopefully, that will come back quick enough once I can get back in the gym on my regular schedule. My friends are still trying to get me to push to get into competition level and actually start competing – but, I am not sure (I am not really a stage diva personality LOL) – and, I didn’t do this Journey to impress anyone – I did it for myself and to see what I could personally achieve physically, and, I still continue down this Journey, continually trying to push myself to new levels. and, learning at every step of the way, and, adjusting accordingly. Afterall – “You don’t know what you don’t know, until you do.” (like the awakening I got when I first learned and realized that everything that I was taught, told and believed about Nutrition and Exercise was basically completely wrong.) Sorry that there was no “super special secret” to parlay to you Bob, but hopefully my response and information helps. Best, JT

          1. Thanks JT. I figured it was genetics. My brother was similar but I have deep veins so never show vascularity. Thanks for your response. You are a motivator for me. I’m in stage one — lose 40 lbs of fat via carnivore, I’ll start some moderate lifting during this phase just for form and then hit it heavy in stage 2.
            Thanks again!

  5. Hey Jeff,

    What a great testimonial, incredibly inspiring!

    I’ve also read through the comments and you’ve parted with some great advice.

    I just have a question about your training regime if that’s ok?

    There seems to be lots of evidence that ‘bro splits’ (one body part per day) isn’t the most effective way to build muscle. Can I just ask if you used this way of training ton actually build the muscle you now have or are you using it too maintain the muscle you’ve already built using a different protocol?

    Thanks in advance,


    1. Thank you Russ for the nice compliments – I am always humbled in this regards.

      as for my “Training” – like I said in one of my responses previously – I have tried probably every standard routine out there in regards to exercise protocols – BUT, for me, the one that has always worked, and continues to work, is the 1 body part per day (and my body part weekly schedule is as I outlined previously – the breakdown of each body part for each day of the 6 days each week)

      I did this protocol to build my muscle, and continue to use it – because it is what works for me and has given me my best results – I have done this 1-body part per day protocol since about 1997 – the only thing that is different for me now is the low weight, high reps, high intensity (vs the heavier weights that I did many years ago) – I have been on light weight, high reps for the past 3 years since first starting on my current journey

      also, as I have previously stated – the problem with the fitness industry in general is the wide and varying information and beliefs – like I said – ask 10 professional trainers a question and get 10 different answers – for me, my belief, is to do my own research, and my own self-experimentation and see what works best for me to achieve the results that I want – and, that is what I do

      I hope that has answered your inquiry my friend – Thank you again for your nice feedback, always appreciated.

      Best Regards,

      1. Fantastic reply, thanks Jeff, exactly what I thought you’d say!

        In not at your level but I have been low level training for several years and as with yourself, I’ve honed my routine and diet regardless of what the who called gurus spout…mostly so they can sell something!

        I also did OMAD for a year but I have to admit that I find it difficult to fit into my lifestyle. Outside of the current lock down I normally have business lunches on a regular basis. However when I was doing it I felt amazing, just kinda strong and able, it had as many positive psychological as physical effects and it’s certainly something I will return to.

        Thanks again Jeff for bring so open and honest, you’re a breath of fresh air 🙂

  6. Laughing this morning …

    For some reason I was thinking about old beliefs and old routines (stupid “Bro Science”)

    Having to eat every 2.5 to 3 hours to maintain a positive nitrogen balance and remain in an anabolic state

    Including preparing 2 Casein Protein shakes before going to bed and have them sitting on the night table next to the bed – then set my alarm to wake up 2x during the night to drink the shakes (Casein because it was a slow digesting protein to last longer thru the night)

    So that I was in a constantly Fed State 😳🤦‍♂️

    Now I go 23.5 hours every day without any foods of anykind whatsoever !!

    1. Thank you Traci – 🙂 always appreciate feedback on my efforts. Good luck in your endeavors – I shouldn’t say “luck” as it has nothing to do with that – it is science (physiology and biology) – if you do it right – you have no choice but to get results !!

  7. Awesome achievement Jeff
    At 53 years young this was a great read and motivation for me; I’ve saved it to refer back to at times

    1. Thank you Baz (great name – only other time I have seen that name is the guy that plays one of Red Reddington’s military attache on Blacklist (ex Navy Seal)) – as for your age – 53 is just a number – especially when it comes to fitness and health – I know people in their 70’s in awesome shape and others in their 20’s in horrible condition – it is the individual person, like yourself, making a decision to educate yourself, and learn more, and then make it an integral part of your life, a sustainable lifestyle – giving you great health, and, equally, a quality of life. 1st step is the desire, 2nd is making a decision, 3rd is taking action. “Make It Happen !!” Best, JT

  8. Hi Jeff, I have been carnivore for 3 1/2 months and have seen a lot of good progress but the one thing I struggle with is not having enough energy. I can feel pretty good and then after a workout etc I can feel wiped out, not sure what I am doing wrong. Could you contact me at kenlor45 at gmail? I could use some expertise. 🙂 Thank you

  9. Dear Jeff,

    I’m very impressed with your results, could you pls anwser a couple of questions?

    Do you use plant based oils to cook your steak and do you use herbs?

    What kind of butter do you eat? Is it a grassfed only kind of butter and is it salted or unsalted?

    Do you only drink water, or also coffee? What about alcohol?

    Looking forward to your reply,

    Best regards,


    1. Thank you Bob for your comments – as I say – I am always humbled by others appreciation of me and my efforts – and, it validates my work –

      that being said – now to answer your specific inquiries…

      1. what do I cook with –
      a. I NEVER use plant/seed based Oils – NEVER
      b. When I use any Oil it is always – Extra Virgin, Cold Pressed Olive Oil or Coconut Oil (rarely)
      c. I only use oil (mostly Olive) for cooking my Eggs (just enough to grease the pan for no sticking – less than 1 tbsp)
      d. I always use Butter for my steaks – both for cooking and then just to add more on top once it is on my plate (as you can see in the Meal Pic above)

      2. as for what type of Butter do I use – just standard, store bought, salted Butter

      For me – I stick to basics and don’t over-think or over-complicate things when it comes to “organic, grass fed, free range, etc…” – I just buy what is available – the best things at economical prices (I used to be an owner of a 200 acre Organic Farm producing vegetables, Mediterranean herbs, and other such things for distribution to supermarkets – and, my experience (and knowledge) is that it is a waste of spending extra money on such things for nothing (only my opinion, and my practice – everyone has their own thoughts, beliefs and practices and they can do whatever they want – I just do what I do for me, and not anyone else)

      3. as for Herbs, or Sauces or Condiments – the ONLY things that I use are – Salt (normal, standard table salt – again, I don’t get into all the hype, etc with various salts like Pink Himalayan, or others), Black Pepper, and Garlic Powder (to taste) – and nothing else – I love Salt and Pepper on my Steak and Eggs !! I NEVER use sauces or other condiments. I love the great, natural tastes of my foods, so sauces and condiments aren’t necessary or anything I think about or desire.

      4. as for my Drinks – I have not drank any alcohol, of any kind, since I was 19 years old (I am now 59) – I just never liked it, and never got into it – I love the smell of coffee brewing, but can’t drink it without lots of Heavy Whipping Cream, and lots of Stevia (Erythritol filler) which I used to do during my feeding period on Keto/LCHF, (and, I hate the taste of Teas) – but, completely stopped coffee, and all dairy (except Butter) when I went full Carnivore/ZC – my only vice (yes, a bad one I know, but…) is I drink Coke Zero (or other diet sodas like Diet Dr. Pepper and Diet Mtn Dew), and, Water.

      Bob – I hope this answers your questions satisfactorily – if not, please let me know and I can answer more…

      Best Regards,

      1. Bob

        just to clarify – I separate out oils such as Olive, Coconut, Avocado – from other “Plant/ Seed” based oils, which are the ones that I was saying that i NEVER use

        and, during my Keto/LCHF protocols – I cooked with both Olive and Coconut oils regularly for my OMAD daily meal – as a source of Fats for my macro protocols at the time

        but, since revising my protocols, and shifting toward my current Carnivore/ZC protocol – I stopped using those (except for the small amount of olive oil that i use for my eggs pan to keep from sticking) – otherwise, i only use butter now. (and, i would probably use beef tallow if it was more readily available to me, but it isn’t, so i use the butter)

        i hope that better clarifies the Plant/Seed based oils question


        1. Hey Jeff,

          Thanks for getting back to me so soon and answering my questions.

          I looked at your pictures and saw the bottles of oils, so i was curious.

          I used to make my own beeftallow by asking my butcher for the excess fat they cut away around the kidneys and then just render it myself.
          It just makes a mess of my kitchen with all the splattering going on whenever i cook a steak with it. Now i use a airfryer to cook my steaks, so no oils needed anymore.

          I do use some tallow in my coffee with cream sometimes. Does this interrupt the fasting time you think?

          I’ve tried the fasting thing ( 20/4 ), I ate 1 pound of steak and some boiled eggs, just the white, I don’t like the taste of the yolk when it’s boiled. I experienced no hunger and asked some zero-carbers if this was normal. They told me too eat more and to eat whenever i was hungry. Figuring they where more experienced then me, i listened to them with hardly any results. My weight stayed the same.

          Seeing how ripped you are, i’m thinking i was on the right path all along and I will discipline myself back to fasting.

          Concerning the alcohol, I already knew the answer and i was kinda hoping for a free pass once in a while, haha 🙂 At least you drink some cola zero etc, probably at rare moments, but it’s good to know, i can let “loose” from time to time.

          Ok then, back to the drawing board i guess,



          1. Hey Bob

            just a couple of quick comments my friend…

            when you do everything correctly and you get your hormones regulated correctly (to me those would be – Insulin, Grhelin, Leptin and Glucagon (to activate HSL) (of course there are many other hormones and factors that go into the whole system/process, but those are the main 4 for hunger, satiety and weight/fat loss)) – then there is no discipline, willpower or self-control required – I do not put any thought of effort into trying to “fast” as I am never hungry and never have cravings – when i eat my one-meal every day – at no point is it out of the feeling of need or hunger – i only eat to make sure i get the nutrients needed – with never any sense of being hungry at any point during the day

            as for the HF-Coffee (with cream, tallow, etc…) – do this during your feeding period, with meals – not during your fasting period and not between meals (if you are doing multiple meals) –

            there are 3 key elements (in my opinion) to a successful nutrition protocol…

            1. Intermittent Fasting (probably the most important in my opinion) – “When You Eat”

            2. Macros Formulation (High Fat, Moderate Protein, Low/No Carbs – “What You Eat”

            3. Meal Frequency (how often any foods are consumed (including fat-coffee) meals, and snacks) – “How Often You Eat”

            these 3 elements when done correctly, and combined create the “Perfect Storm” for nutrition and fat loss

            and, in my opinion, from my (limited) knowledge, and personal experience – never eat anything (nothing of any kind whatsoever) during the fasting period, and never any snacks (or any foods, or items that will trigger any metabolic effect) between meals (if you eat more than 1x/day)

            in basic, simple terms (realizing this actually has a lot of moving parts) – I always say…

            every time you eat = you produce insulin / every time you produce insulin = you store fat / so the more times you eat (anything) = you store more fat

            and, when Insulin is present it is impossible to have Glucagon, and, without Glucagon there is no fat burning

            unfortunately in today’s society with the standard American/ Western diet – an average person is eating 6-7x’s per day – 3 standard meals (breakfast, lunch and dinner, and snacks in between and before bed) – and each time there is insulin production and fat storage – everyone is in a Fed State 24/7 because they never allow enough fasting time to rid the body of glucose/ glycogen stores in order to allow the fat as energy process to be initiated – thus the horrible global “Pandemic” of metabolic syndrome, hyperinsulinemia, pre-diabetes, diabetes, obesity and chronic diseases – and it just keeps getting worse

            because everything that we were taught, told and believed about nutrition was wrong –

            and, it is hard to change people’s belief systems

            Max Planck says it best – “A new scientific truth does not triumph by convincing its opponents and making them see the light, but rather because its opponents eventually die, and a new generation grows up that is familiar with it.” – so hopefully there is a shift in the future to stem the tide…

            so much for a “quick response” – found myself just rambling on – sorry for the lengthy reply to your simple points…

            I guess I never learned the ‘Be Bright, Be Brief, Be Gone” mantra as well as I should have…


  10. Jeff,

    Amazing transformation – your vascularity is very impressive; 59 be damned – it’s impressive for any age.

    Quick question – Do you train fasted? What time do you train, and what time do you eat?



    1. Thank you Matt – very much appreciated
      Yes, I always train in a Fasted State, and always feel great doing so – never any issues
      I train 6 days a week in the morning from 7:00 am to 8:15 am
      and, I eat my meal at 4:30 pm (my Feeding Period is never more than 30 minutes) and I Fast 23.5 hours every day – with no foods of any kind whatsoever during those 23.5 hours –
      Hope that answers your questions sufficiently
      Best Regards, JT

  11. Jeff,
    Found this to be very inspirational for me. I went on Carnivore diet off and on over the last few months and dropped 20 lbs in the course of 3-4 months.

    I’ve still got at least another 40 or 50 to go, and have been stalling. I think it’s time I try OMAD with Carnivore, and kick my “arnold Palmer (Half Ice tea, Half Lemonaid)” cravings to the curb.

    Your workout seems so intense, especially the Daily – 1 body Part routine. I’d like to try this, however I fear I may not have that kind of time to dedicate to it each day. How long is each workout generally for you?

    Also – You look like a fellow Gold’s Gym Member. I go to the Sacramento Golds gym. How are you handling your workouts during the COVID-19 Pandemic? is your Gym re-opened?

    Thanks again for the inspiration

    1. Good morning John – just saw your comment – thank you for the kind words – as I always say – I am humbled by peoples comments and reactions to me – it really does validate the time, energy and effort that I have invested in myself

      first – I see you saying the same thing that I see and hear other (most) people say – they are trying to “lose weight” (as they always are concerned about how much they weigh, and how many pounds they want to lose, etc…) – which is absolutely the wrong mindset (old school, bro-science, gym rat mentality / and, something that we all were told, taught and grew up believing – just like all of the other bad/ misinformation we were raised on in regards to nutrition and exercise) – weight loss to me is in the same category as Calories (actually almost meaningless or insignificant when it come to optimal health) – weight as in pounds means nothing – what has significance and needs to be addressed is “Fat Loss” – so instead of a weight scale – get your Body Fat % checked and then use that as a guide and for your goals – if you can get down to below 10% BF – it doesn’t matter what your weight is in pounds – for example – I have 2 friends – both are 5’9″ tall – one is 185 pounds and overweight/ obese (28-32% BF), and, the other is 285 pounds (100 pounds more at the same height) and he is at 5% BF on stage at that weight – so, stop focusing on weight and calories (insignificant if your nutritional protocols are correct and setup to balance, control and regulate your hormones)

      my gym has been closed since March 18 – it opened for only 2 weeks from July 1 to July 16 and then closed again (just enough time for me to almost work through the daily soreness and tightness of the first couple of weeks – so, yes, I have that to look forward to again 🙁 ) – so I haven’t been able to do anything – and, unfortunately, I do not have the great home setup like Dr Shawn has at his place – I am jealous every day when I see him upload his new daily exercise videos – he is doing so awesome (talk about a real “Beast”) !! people like that are who inspire me – people who have a belief and commitment, who live by their words, and do what they say – he is the poster boy for his program – as he should be (most YouTube/ Social Media talking-heads aren’t)

      as for my workouts – they are usually 50-60 minutes in length and at most 75 minutes (never longer) – I get to the gym at 7am (Fasted since 4:30 pm the day before) and I am usually gone by 8am, but, never later than 8:15 am, as I have to get ready and be working by 9am – so, although intense, my workouts do not consume too much time overall in the big scheme of things.

      just remember – even though others may be your ‘inspiration” – it is actually you there doing the work and what it takes every day – so, do not forget to give kudos to yourself – you deserve it !!!

      Best Regards, JT

      1. Thanks Jeffrey.

        My whole family is going carnivore to test out if it resolves health issues (like eczema for the kids).

        If you are on any Social media, I’d love to follow your progress on this.

        Thanks – John.

        1. Thanks John –

          and, seriously, best of luck with the family carnivore commitment – you should see great results for all involved

          as for social media – no, I am not – I have people hounding me to do YouTube channel, Instagram, etc… with the idea to do something similar to what Thomas DeLauer, and Dr Eric Berg do – but, I just haven’t had the extra time, to focus on anything like that

          and, MeatRx and several other platforms keep asking me to be a “Coach” for them and their clients, but, I am not beholding to any specific guidelines – I do what I do because it works for me – based on my immense hours of ongoing research, and self-experimentation and adaptation on my own journey –

          if I had the platform and ability to do my own coaching, and my own educational channel – I probably would –

          my issue with many of those that do it now is that they end up wanting and trying to please everyone all the time and they have to constantly create and distribute content – even if that content gets further and further from their basic mission – so, almost 100% of all of the people that I follow (and, I follow a lot of them) – I am now to the point of almost cancelling my subscription to their channels because they all just do content for the purpose of doing content and fill space vs actually doing good, quality content

          instead of 7+ videos a week – creating 1-2 videos per day – if they would stop, focus and just do one quality video per week, and have it based on their actual mission – it would be so much more beneficial to everyone – and, not make them seem like sell-outs

          I especially stop following people once they start promoting products – theirs or 3rd parties – it then becomes basically an advertisement – and, to me, this is an obstacle to the message and tarnishes the respectability of the person and their original mission

          anyway – sorry for my rant – just felt I had to say something on this……….

        2. John

          the following is from some material put out by Paul Saladino about kids on Carnivore – you might find it interesting my friend…

          One of the most common questions I get about animal-based diets is whether kids can eat in this way. I think that humans of all ages have been eating primarily animal-based diets for millions of years, and I definitely think that kids can eat in this way today. If you’ve ever seen the way babies or toddlers tear into meat you’ll know that these foods are clearly programmed into our “book of life” as highly desirable and nutritious. Incorporating organs into diets for babies and toddlers is also great, and in my view totally evolutionarily consistent, though for many it’s culturally unusual. Within many currently living indigenous groups,liver, heart, kidney, bone marrow, and many other organs are commonly given to children as part of a nutrient-rich diet. In his writings about Inuit, Vilhjalmur Stefansson noted that kidney was given to children as if it were “candy.” Can you imagine a world in which our children received organs as snacks or treats? We would see some incredibly healthy kids, most dentists would be out of business, and childhood diabetes would vanish almost overnight.

          hope that helps with you and your family


  12. Jeff, you have inspired me. I’m 73 and have been on TRT for about 5 years. I can’t wait to get back in the gym next week, I’m in Florida so our gyms are open. I’ve been about 80-90% carnivore for about 3 months and feel great but I really would like to get my weight down so the routine you described sounds like a good start. I wish you well and thanks for your detailed responses.

    1. Thank you John – as ever – kind words are appreciated and I am always humbled. At 73 and still going strong and pushing it – you are the true inspiration my friend. Get back in the gym – adjust your Nutritional Protocols as necessary to work best for you, your life, your goals and your needs – and keep making strides !! Stay in touch and let us all know how you are doing. Best, JT

  13. I’ve been carnivore since June 2020 after being fairly strict Paleo since 2012. I’ve been chasing improvements of some autoimmune issues. Paleo got me off pain meds, but I still have pains. Going carnivore helped ease the pain a little more. I have taken pain meds 4 times since 2012. I know which foods affect me and I avoid them.

    So, I went meat and salt only June 2020. I didn’t give up my coffee, but switched to whipping cream instead of half and half. I’ve added Kinder’s salt, pepper, and garlic blend just last month so I could stand to be around other garlic eaters (my partner, especially).

    I’m mentally comfortable here, but I think or overthink not giving up the coffee with whipping cream. Should I just cut myself some slack on that? I don’t want to give it up. My extenuating circumstances: low blood pressure (42/22) and low resting pulse (30 bpm during the day, 5 bpm during sleep). I’m not asking for medical advice, just opinions on the use of whipping cream. I occasionally fast in excess of 60 hours, but I still have my coffee with creamer in the morning and still consider myself “fasting”. I’d go to black coffee, but I really just love it how I love it.

    My other eating habits: coffee with creamer in the morning, one meal every evening between 5 and 6 pm.

    1. Ellen
      It sounds like you have done great and you are well informed, plus you have your own experiences which are the best indicators.
      Enjoy your Heavy Whipping Cream – combined with your other routines noted – the HWC will not have any significant affects. Enjoy your vice 🙂
      Best Regards

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