Jade had less complications during pregnancy on a carnivore diet

Today, August 26th 2019, is day 90 carnivore with no “slips”.

Tomorrow is week 33 of my pregnancy.

Carnivore at conception til week 8-10 when I went strict keto (with meat when I could) until back to carnivore around week 19-20. I’ve been in ketosis for this entire pregnancy. 

I eat red meat (lamb and beef mostly), prosciutto, eggs, raw milk, raw milk kefir, shellfish, occasional rainbow trout, cheeses, and I drink coffee.

I take cow liver, cow brain, fermented skate liver oil, collagen, and magnesium.

Okay so with that intro out of the way! Post purpose. 90 day update!

There are some major things that are different this pregnancy (4th baby) than any of the pregnancies I’ve had in the past, and even from being keto and not carnivore in the early stages. Once going carnivore some big changes took place and I’d probably need a day to list them all.

I’m just gonna attempt to highlight my favorites

-Not a single new stretch mark this pregnancy.

Historically I’ve gotten such bad stretch marks that during the pregnancy you could SEE the tissue moving beneath the stretched out and destroyed skin.

-No morning sickness

-No cravings

-No swelling, inflammation, or bloat

-No anxiety or mood problems of any kind. I used to have severe panic disorder, type 2 bipolar, and depression.

-ZERO weight gain. Every other pregnancy I gained 70lbs and even had gestational diabetes with my third

-My hair ISN’T falling out this pregnancy

-I’ve gained muscle and strength without effort

-I’ve lost fat and lost clothing sizes

-My skin is more clear and softer than it’s EVER been. I used to get boils and cystic acne that I would have to drain and patch. It was a constant thing mostly on my upper back and sometimes my face and thighs.

-No more itchy dry skin on my legs that would have me clawing myself raw in the night.

-My diastasis recti healed itself mid pregnancy around week 25.

-No more muscle cramping

-stopped needing my chiropractor for reoccurring neck torticollis and lower back problems

-Nerve damage healed

-cracked heels gone

-grey hair regaining pigment

-My eye color has changed and is “cleaner”

-eye styes are gone and haven’t come back

-teeth never feel dirty

-My skin has pigment and I actually flush with color

-No more ear flushes for too much wax

-Rapid healing when injured and extremely high pain tolerance.

-More limber and stretchy

-More energy/No fatigue

-Knee joint pain is gone

-I have this sense of confidence and contentment that had been missing for all of my life previously.

Like I said I could go on for days and days about the amazing benefits I’ve had since going carnivore. They just keep coming and I just keep noticing them. I cannot say enough positive things about the carnivore diet, especially while pregnant. 

When I was keto mid pregnancy I didn’t have all of these awesome things going on. I didn’t gain weight at all but it wasn’t even close to what my body is achieving as a pregnant carnivore. It truly took commitment to this WOE and removing everything else before the changes and healing started taking place.

This is easily the best and healthiest pregnancy I’ve ever had and I’m never going back

Carnivore on

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3 thoughts on “Jade had less complications during pregnancy on a carnivore diet”

  1. Thank you for sharing this! I really needed to hear from someone who is expecting!
    Do you have meals that you ate to share?

    1. I posted my journey on Instagram including the meals I ate, “supplements” I took, and many other things. Still carnivore. Babe is now 1. ❤️ My handle is @carnivore_mama you can find it all there 🥰🥰🥰

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