How to make Beef or Lamb Carnivore Waffles

Andy Storey, one of our coaches,  will show you how to make Carnivore Waffles


8 ounces of either ground beef or lamb

4-5 eggs (substitute duck eggs if you want too!)

Use ghee or butter or tallow or duck fat

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1 thought on “How to make Beef or Lamb Carnivore Waffles”

  1. 1. Why didn’t you just fry the meat in its own fat instead of cooking it in water?
    2. Wonder how good the actual waffle would be–without loading it up with butter and/or honey (which would be yummy no matter what you put it on 😁)…. A lot of carnivores don’t eat one or both of those additions.
    3. A waffle maker should be warmed up on High until the red light goes off. Then it should be turned down to Medium! If the thermostat is working, the power to the heating element will go on and off in accord with the temperature dropping and rising. When the red light is on, the heating element is turned on; when the light is off, the heating element is turned off.

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